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The First Woman President of United States, She was Once Shunned by Police Unions!

author-img By sagnika sinha 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Kamala Harris

If you had said 20 years ago that there would be a black president or vice president, nobody would have believed you! But all of this changed after Barack Obama became the President of the United States. He not only proved to be an icon of his generation.

However, he also paved the path for hundreds and thousands of black people across the country. Kamala Harris is one such African American who worked hard in the judicial system and U.S. Senate! Before she stepped up to become the 49th vice president of the United States. Does she remind you of Rosa Parks?

She is the first African American woman to hold the post of vice president of the United States.  Before serving as U.S. vice president, she was California’s attorney general from 2011 to 2017! Later, she served in the U.S. Senate from 2017 to 2021.

The First Woman President of the United States

The First Woman President of the United States

She also works towards increasing the minimum wage and ensuring that policies protect women’s reproductive rights. She went on to win the 2016 election easily! In January 2017, Kamala Harris took office in the Senate and became the first Indian American and the second black woman to do that.

Among other responsibilities and assignments, Harris started serving on both the judiciary and the intelligence select committees. Her prosecutor style was different, as she questioned witnesses during hearings. Many, including Republican senators, have criticized her occasional interruptions.

She questions U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in one of these hearings about alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections. Harris also asked him to resign! Just after this, the brave and powerful African American woman announced that she sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020.

Early Life

Her Jamaican father and Indian mother gave her the support and encouragement she needed to achieve the impossible. Her father was a professor at Stanford University, while her mother, an Indian diplomat, was a civil rights activist and a cancer researcher.

She also has a younger sister, Maya, who is a Public Policy Advocate later. Kamala studied economics and political science at Howard University and completed her bachelor’s in arts in 1986. She earned a law degree in 1999 from Hastings College.

While pursuing her studies, Kamala Harris became the deputy district attorney in Oakland in 1990 and continued till 98. During this time, she earned a reputation for being brittle as she prosecuted cases of sexual abuse, drug trafficking, and gang violence.


Over the years, she went up the ranks and, in 2004, became the district attorney. In 2010, she again set a Record by becoming the first African American individual to hold this position. Along with becoming the first female to hold the post of elected attorney general of California.

It was after this year that she came directly in contact with President Barack Obama when she rejected his administration’s pressure. It was on her to settle nationwide lawsuits for unfair practices against mortgage lenders. Harris demonstrated political independence, which Barack Obama and Joe Biden supported in the later years!

She went on to win a judgement five times higher in California’s case than the original offer in 2012. She has always been ambitious when it came to paving her path in the political circle. Apart from creating a national profile by delivering a speech mandate at a Democratic national convention in 2012, she married Tony Douglas two years later.

She slowly created a network as people started considering her a rising star within the party. Barbara Boxer recruited Harris to run for the U.S. Senate seat. It was in 2015 that Harris first declared her candidacy through criminal justice reforms and immigration-based issues. She created her campaign trail.

U.S. Vice Presidency of Kamala Harris

U.S. Vice Presidency of Kamala Harris

From the beginning, it was very clear that she was one of the leading contenders! She drew a lot of attention, especially in one of her primary debates. She has an exchange with fellow candidates. Joe widened on topics related to school passing in the 1970s and 80s, along with race-related topics!

However, in the later stages, the campaign was in serious trouble. Every activist works hard to bring change to the world such as Harriet Tubman, Tarana Burke and others.

She went on to drop out of the race in December 2019! However, she continues to have a high profile, especially with her addresses related to social justice reforms. She also raised her voice in the death of an African American, George Floyd, who was in police custody.

This helped her justify some of the questionable presumptions! At a certain point, it was highlighted that Harris has failed to investigate several other questionable shootings and police misconduct.

Her embrace towards raising her voice and reform in society was a political maneuver or a genuine concern is still not now! However, it contributed to her increase in public popularity. She capitalized on it by further creating her campaign related to racial injustice.

This is where Biden identified her as an African American woman! He realized she was pivotal in his election chances! Considering that a demographic has already been established by Barack Obama, recognizing Harris as his vice-presidential running mate! It added to the weight of his chances of becoming the President of the United States.

In August, Biden chose Harris, making her the first black woman to appear on the national ticket of a major party. Finally, on November 20, 21, Kamala Harris became the first black woman to be elected vice president of the United States.

Challenges Faced

Several Republicans, including Donald Trump, challenged the election results. They claimed voter fraud, and several lawsuits were filed. However, there was no evidence to support these allegations, and most of these cases were dismissed throughout this time.

Biden and Harris have already begun the transition to the new administration, selecting staff and announcing it in the agenda. By December, all the states had been certified, and the election outcome was processing final certification.

Even when Donald Trump constantly called for Republicans to overturn the election! There was a group of congressional members, including Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. The senators announced that they would challenge the electors of various states. Even a mob stormed the capital! It has been claimed that these were Trump supporters.

However, Harris and Biden were certified winners, even though it took several hours to secure the building. The vice president of the United States announced that the siege was over and identified it as an assault on American democracy. She finally resigned from the Senate officially on January 18.

Two days later, across an incredible security presence, Kamala Harris became the first African American woman to be sworn in as vice president of the United States.

Kamala Harris’s Net Worth

In 2023, Kamala Harris, now the vice president of the nine states, will have an estimated net worth of $28 million. As a vice president, Harris earns her wealth from several sources besides her salary. She has several book royalties, along with speaking engagements!

After taking her position at the office as the vice president of the United States, there has been a significant growth in her net worth. Currently, she is living in an 8500 square ft. House in Oakland, California. Her residence is valued at $13 million, including several luxurious features! It includes nine bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a large wine cellar, plunge pools, and smart security systems.

Of course, her remarkable net worth represents a successful journey in politics, but we forget that her multifaceted advantages and growth came at the cost of struggles. She has faced several challenges that women and women of color have faced over the years. She is one of the famous black women in history!


Apart from the current home, she owns several assets! Five real estate properties, two yards, and a fleet of seven luxury cars are some of the significant assets of the vice president of the United States. She also has a cash reserve surpassing $11 million and has created an investment portfolio that includes ten stocks worth $8 million.

Did you know that Kamala Harris earns an annual salary of $370,000, in addition to which she receives an allowance for house rent, travel, and other benefits? The current vice president has access to privileges! They are round-the-clock secret security services, a private jet for her family, and other associated advantages.

Finishing Off…

Her financial portfolio might seem like something to you today! Yet, with her increasing political career, there have been challenges in her personal life. Her lifestyle might reflect prosperity, but she represents a future many thoughts was impossible even ten years ago!

In short, we have come a long way with a black woman as the United States vice president! History has been a witness of a legacy, and as a vice president of one of the most powerful nations in the world, she is working hard to create a future that is not just safe for Americans but also for all minority groups globally.

Comment on which issue highlighted by Harris do you like the most and why?

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