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Former First Lady Has Turned Into A Successful Writer And Social Activitist!

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michelle obama net worth

When talking about Michelle Obama’s background, did you know that she was the salutatorian of her class? The powerful icon was born on 17 January 1964 in Chicago, Illinois, and was named Michelle LeVaughn Robinson. As she saw her father have sclerosis, she focused on her studies to work hard.

She went on to attend Princeton University, where she majored in sociology, choosing African American studies thus, graduating cum laude in 1985. She is well known for her social activism and has worked hard to get where she is today.

The former First Lady is a lawyer and writer with specialized knowledge and a degree in intellectual property and marketing. Her community engagement and outreach have significantly contributed to her overall growth and contribution. Read more about Michelle Obama’s legacy!


Career of michelle obama

So let me share with you Michelle Obama net worth which is $70 million! In this article, let me share with you the different sources of her income. However, the way she has become a social enigma, I am sure it is justified.

You will realize that considering she is such a well-known public speaker, she has numerous speaking engagements. She is a hardworking and talented woman, so accumulating that much wealth should not be difficult for her.

Michelle Obama continues to work in community engagement and healthcare even after her stint as First Lady. She creates programs for community outreach, volunteerism, poverty reduction, healthy eating, treatment of military families, and education.

Former First Lady Has Turned Into A Successful Writer And Social Activist!

Former First Lady Has Turned Into A Successful Writer

A fashion icon in her own right, Michelle has encouraged American designers, several of whom were women of color and belonged to immigrant backgrounds. Apart from her fashion style, Michelle is known for her contribution to supporting young women career-wise!  

Michelle Obama is the co-founder of PleZi Nutrition, proving that social impact companies are the way to go when it comes to changing society and making money! Mrs. Obama said, “If you want to change the game, you can’t just work from the outside. You’ve got to get inside.

She is a powerful force working hard to bring about change not only from outside but also from within the system. I can see the image of Shirley Chisholm when I see the activist work that Michelle does for the welfare of young black women!

Early Life And Education

Early Life And Education of michelle obama

If you are wondering about Michelle Obama’s upbringing and educational opportunities, no worries! I am here to discuss her educational qualifications and how they helped her succeed. During her years in college at Princeton, she was involved in a cultural and academic group known as the Third World Center.

This group is a support system for minority students, and Michelle learned a lot from it. She graduated from Harvard Law School in 1988, creating an illustrious future for her career growth.

Before becoming the First Lady, she was already a successful and established working woman! She worked for a Chicago Law Firm where she met her current husband, Barack Obama. Apart from working as a lawyer, she wanted to get involved in public service.

This was when she became the assistant commissioner of planning and development for the City of Chicago and then the executive director at the Chicago office of Public Alles in 1993. Later, she worked for the University of Chicago and Hospitals, contributing to external affairs and community relations.

Career Highlights

michelle obama Career Highlights

Even if you separate the identity of being Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama has been a comet of inspiration. Even the former president has deemed her the inspiration that kept him going during his crisis or difficult conditions. When I evaluate her achievements in life, I realize nothing is impossible!

As a black woman, every challenge persisting in society against women doubles when you belong to African American descent. Individuals belonging to African decent, both men and women do face a lot of challenges in their daily lives which makes life a struggle.

Michelle took those challenges in her stride and supported Barack on his way to the White House! A lawyer in her own right, she worked for public services before Barack stepped into politics.

A woman who wanted to work for the welfare of society, she was the perfect partner for the first African American President of the U.S. Currently, her book “Becoming” is one of a kind.

Hence, Michelle Obama, now an author, has charted her path with dedication and a zeal to bring change in the social systems against minority groups! She has also taken steps towards advocating various social issues, clearly understanding that her voice matters.

Sources Of Income

Michelle Obama's Sources Of Income

The different income sources that contributed to ObamObama’s worth are her legal career, which is quite illustrious, book deals, public speaking, and attending various charity events and shows. She goes on to reflect a solid knowledge base and people resonating and relating to her!

Of course, her speaking engagements are one of the top sources of income for her. She is a fluent public speaker with an enigmatic prowess at influencing people with her words. Michelle knows that people listen to her; thus, she uses public platforms to spread awareness regarding various social issues.

She also received book deals after she wrote her first book, “Becoming,” in 2018, sharing her experience with people. Let us remember that both Obamas have some collaborating deals; one of them is with Netflix, where they have been producing and helping with documentaries and series.

Michelle and Barack Obama received $65 million as an advance for the combined rights to their autobiographies. Michelle’s first book, “Becoming,” sold more than 10 million copies worldwide, while Barack’s memoir, A Promised Land, was sold like hotcakes. Thus, the power couple is still capable of influencing people!

Other ventures that contribute to Michelle Obama’s net worth are speaking engagements at various non-profit organizations, governmental institutions, privately owned institutions, and others.

Investment And Real Estate

Investment And Real Estate

There are some investments that Michelle Obama has made that have helped her manage her finances. For example, Michelle and Barack Obama purchased a home in Kenwood, Illinois, in August 2000 worth $1.6 million!

The Obama home is in the Chicago suburbs and is 6400 square feet (about the area of a basketball court). It has six bedrooms, six washrooms, mahogany bookshelves, a wine cellar, and a granite kitchen floor. Once Barack Obama left office, the couple rented a mansion in Washington, D.C., for an 8200-square-foot rental!

Their younger daughter needed to finish her education, so they stayed back in D.C., which the Obamas went on to buy for $8.1 million in 2017. Another asset that the Obamas own is a house on Martha’s Vineyard, for which they paid $11.75 million in 2019.

The property includes a 7,000-square-foot main home and 29 oceanfront acres. WYC Grousbeck, the Boston Celtics owner, was the original owner of this property! They rent it out as a summer home and enjoy their time there immensely, as the house has a boathouse accompanying the private beachfront.

These assets ensure that she is aware of the market’s economic conditions and makes decisions accordingly.

Philanthropy And Charitable Work

Philanthropy And Charitable Work

So what are the philanthropic efforts that have caused Michelle to become more involved in social changes in the U.S.? Why don’t I share with you an overview of charitable contributions by Michelle Obama that are public knowledge?

This information guides you into how she manages her finances and how she created a huge impact on social issues such as education, health, nutrition, fitness, racial awareness, and young women’s careers. I realized; Harriet Tubman raised money to improve the plight of children whose social conditions were not that great! 

The foundation that Michelle Obama and Barack Obama have constructed is Obama’s Foundation, which oversees and supports the creation of the Barack Obama Presidential Center, Keeper Alliance, a Scholarship program, and the Harris School of Public Policy of the University of Chicago.

Net Worth And Financial Standing

Net Worth And Financial Standing

Michelle Obama’s estimated net worth is an accumulation of factors such as book advances and royalties, real estate investments, and properties. Let us compare her income and net estimate with those of some of her contemporaries and some well-known social activist celebrities.

When I compare her net worth with that of other first ladies before her, you can see a sharp contrast! The present First Lady, Jill Biden, has a net worth of $9 million as of 2024. This is considerably quite a fall, while Hillary Clinton, a former First Lady and Secretary of State, was a presidential candidate in 2016!

Clinton’s net worth is $120 million as of 2024! This is quite high compared to Michelle’s, but Clinton also held several governmental positions and became involved in several public services and policies. Other celebrities who are notable for their social activism are Viola Davis, Oprah Winfrey, and Jennifer Lopez.

Viola Davis’s net worth is $25 million, less than Michelle Obama’s net worth. Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest women in the world, works hard to accumulate $240 million and help people accordingly. Of course, Oprah is not just a social activist but also a talk show host.

Jennifer Lopez’s net worth is $150 million, which is, of course, more than Michelle’s. However, she has several career opportunities as a popular singer, actress, and producer; thus, she has several sources of income.

Finishing Off…

To sum up, Michelle Obama’s net worth might raise your eyebrows, but she has been a deserving individual who has given more than she has taken. As Barack Obama said in his final speech as president, Michelle Obama “made the White House, a place that belongs to everybody!”

It took a lot of nerve, courage, and dedication to make everyone living in America and beyond comfortable in their presence.

She is a global icon, but above all, she is a beacon of light and inspiration for every little black girl who is still struggling. Michelle Obama has set an example for women worldwide by advocating for education, healthy eating, physical activity, and poverty awareness.

Comment on what you feel is the biggest social impact of Michelle Obama and her net worth!

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