Analyzing Kamala Harris’s Rhetoric: How Her Speech Resonates With The World!

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kamala harris speech

Kamala Harris speech is an example of ensuring that people listen to you! Wonder why women often have to raise their voices to make their point? Man-splaining or gas-lighting is a common phenomenon that is observed in professional environments.

If you are a woman, you need to learn specific tactics that can be used to reel in aggressive interaction or interruption. Things take a turn for the dark if you are a woman of color, as you might have to face issues of sexism and racism!

I was hoping you could read the article to read how I express myself as I drool over Vice President Kamala Harris’s words and how they greatly influence people worldwide. She has used her intersectional identity to communicate the gaps apparent in politics.

As a part of the woman community, I would like to assert that using one’s identity as a woman, a politician, a mother, and all the other roles, Harris has paved the path for hundreds and thousands of women coming after her!

How Kamala Harris’s Words Earned Her Leadership?

How Her Speech Resonates With The World!
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Being in a powerful position, VP Kamala Harris commands many resources to help her people and the world. However, there was a point in time when she had to experience many glass ceilings to break one finally! Do you wonder how she does it?

She was the first woman to be elected the Vice President of the United States. A woman of color, Harris was the first to be elected to any authoritative position in the U.S.U.S. government! She addressed this in her speech: “I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last.”

She added, “Because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities.” What are the chances that Harris is setting a new way to deal with overbearing, hypocritical men in politics?

Have you seen the V.P.V.P. debate where Harris, a senator at the point, had to rein in Mike Pence? And how she did it! Women worldwide should learn how language can be used to make their point without raising their voices or reacting toward the other person.

Analyzing Kamala Harris’s Rhetoric: How Her Speech Resonates With The World!

How Her Speech Resonates With The World!
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As she won the 2020 election for Vice Presidency, the global attention was on her. She created history by being the first woman to be selected as a Vice President, and that too, a woman of color! When you see all this, you miss the tireless hard work she put in during the campaign!

Creating history does take a lot, and Harris has managed to destroy the glass ceilings in U.S. politics completely as she took charge of office as a V.PV.P. Kamala Harris started as a lawyer and steadily rose to the ranks of district attorney and attorney-general for San Francisco and California respectively!

The U.S. legal system was her stairs to the national prominence she commands today. She made headlines for the first time when she asked about Russian election interference to the then-US Attorney General Jeff Sessions. She was already elected in 2016 for the national office.

Kamala Harris has used her voice to stand up for minorities and the underrepresented people in the U.S. Turning dreams into reality, the daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, Harris is the highest-ranking official in the U.S.A.

Impacts Of Kamala Harris Speech!

Impacts Of Kamala Harris Speech!
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Mentioning her mother, an Indian immigrant, in her victory speech, Kamala Harris said that her mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, believed in the idea of an inclusive and diverse America! The Kamala Harris Speech, especially the victory speech, is the scale for rhetoric inspiration for women worldwide.

She gave a special nod to all women in history who created the path for women in authoritative and powerful positions. She has inspired young girls and women by not pulling down anyone with her words. Instead, it was all about raising them on a pedestal.

Highlighting her honor to suffragettes by wearing white during the victory speech, she also included women from other nations as part of women’s struggles to receive rights for voting, human rights, and others. Humbling accepting her background,

She called women the backbone of America, naming different races and ethnicities such as Latina, Asian, Native American, white, and black women! Her spoken discourse is one of the effective interactions from a politician’s standpoint, and Harris has the art of communicating.

Harris Shows She Belongs, And So Should You!

Harris Shows She Belongs, And So Should You!
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When we say to someone, be the change, this is what we mean! The rhetoric of speech used by Kamala Harris is powerful and hopeful. Women across the world have always been made to feel like they need assistance! Some women suggested that other women listen to men.

It is common to sit and complain, but meager people take a stand, but Harris did! Breaking the stereotype, Harris created a space where not only women have a voice, but they are also contributing to the overall growth and development of the country.

Staying in your lane is often said to women when they raise their voices! Guess who didn’t listen to it! Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized taking responsibility and using their voice to resonate with issues on the social and political front.

Clearly despite her gender, Harris has never allowed anything to stop or deter her from her purpose. Her achievement calls on numerous women worldwide to fight the injustice in the system. Raised by a single mother, she has been driven by purpose from a young age!

The Vice President Can Change The Future Of The U.S. Politics!

The Vice President Can Change The Future Of the U.S. Politics!
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She is one of the most promising leaders in U.S. politics after former president Barack Obama, especially with her involvement in the political changes and policies implemented in her vice presidency! The aspects of her personality include honesty, preparation, and loyalty.

According to her, the vice president has always appreciated power but with integrity and strength. It is important for her that she is grounded, and in her policies, she has been focused on bringing changes for minority groups and undermining people in the country.

The grandmother of Harris was an activist who taught about birth control to poverty-stricken women. This proves that inspiring relatives surrounded the woman, and hence, there is no doubt that she has the potential to change the future of U.S. politics.

Rhetorically Speaking…

An illustrious woman, Vice President Kamala Harris is an influential speaker who inspires people worldwide. Now that we discuss the rhetoric of Kamala Harris Speech, clearly she has an advantage over others, especially with her unique experiences of sexism and racism over the years.

She has successfully integrated communication channels across minority groups, including women and children. Highlighting social issues in her speech based on gender and race has led to her using inspiring rhetoric.

Comment below about your favorite Kamala Harris Speech and its impact!

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