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Are you an anime lover?

Do you love online streaming anime videos in your leisure time?

Then the probability is high; you are looking for a free anime streaming website or application. And while searching for the same, you came across Zoro.To. 

Now, as a responsible internet user, you should know much about the website before actually starting to use it. It is crucial to know whether the site is safe, free from malware, and, most importantly, is that legal. 

Here, in this article, I will tell you the necessary details about Zoro.To that, you should know. 

What Is

What Is 

As you have landed on this article, I can say that you are searching about You might have heard a little about it. You might know a little bit about this website. Still, I think in order to check its legality and whether using this website is safe or not, you should know in detail about this. 

That is why I am starting this discussion by telling you more about is. is basically an anime streaming site. This is a free site that provides a wide range of anime videos to entertain you. Although this website is considered an online streaming resource for anime videos, you also can download content and watch them offline when you get time. 

Is Safe? 

So, when all anime lovers get access to such an amazing website that lets them stream a wide selection of anime content along with offering a feature of downloading them and watching at any time without an active internet connection, it is obvious to use. 

If you are one of those 100+ million people in the world, who categorize themselves as anime lovers, it is obvious that you will want to bookmark this website on your system.

But before doing that, it is crucial to find out if the website you are going to access is safe or not, especially in this era of cybercrime and hacking. 

Generally speaking, anime is a safe website to watch your favorite anime. However, at the same time, there are some major things that you should consider before visiting this website. Here, in this article, I will offer you a complete guide on that.

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Probable Safety Issues With

From the first look, you will be convinced that is a safe one to use. But if you have a deeper look, then you will start to recognize the loopholes it has. 

To be honest, there are some major issues that seem to plague these types of websites more than any other products of the internet. If you are thinking about using this website, it is important to have in-depth knowledge about these problems that comes with. 

No. 1: Malware


Whenever we enter the World Wide Web, malware becomes our primary concern. Especially when we are getting anything free, such as a free streaming website like, this concern turns into a serious one. 

Here, I want to tell you that does not distribute or sponsor any type of malware. This website is not at all in a position where dangerous malware could run through the website to get to you. 

Although this website is not malicious, there can be other actors from which you need to stay aware of. 

No. 2: Personal Info

Personal Info

So, doesn’t run any malware; they are not simply into that type of business. It’s pretty cool that you do not worry about getting malware while streaming this website. But that doesn’t mean it is completely safe. 

We all have heard of a lot of websites that collect personal information and trade them on the market or leak them to get money. But you can trust, because they are above all of these. 

Being a free website, it doesn’t collect any of your credit card information, which might be a serious concern. Apart from that, you can use this website without creating an account. Although you are always welcome if you want to create one, it simply is not necessary. only asks for your email address and wants you to choose a password. So, when you are creating a unique password and are not providing any crucial information, you don’t have to worry about safety.

Practically this website is getting simply nothing from you to steal. 

No. 3: Ads


Ads are too much irritating for any site especially when you are streaming any online content like anime videos, in the case of, ads can be really distracting. The worst part is that you can always accidentally click on ads, and it might whisk you to some dark corner of the internet. 

Although you didn’t mean to click on the advertisement, you can still end up getting some awful software that is enough to ruin your day. The good news is that doesn’t run any ads, so there is simply no chance of ending up being in such a situation. 

But, if the or app is not running any ads and is also free from malware, then how is this website making money? 

Suspicious, right? 

Well, is a publicly traded company that is not registered as a nonprofit organization. That means, on a public record, the finances don’t even matter. The website comes with a bright orange-colored “Donate” button, which is this website is partially crowdfunded. 

Legality: Is Zoro.To A Legal Website?

From the above discussion, we get to know that is safe to use and also malware free. But only these things can not guarantee the ultimate security for you. 

Whenever it comes to free streaming platforms, there is a common question that renders in our heads.

Is it legal? 

In this case, the question is, “Is legal?”

Well, here, we might not be able to help you with any satisfactory information because this website is living in a gray area. To be honest, some parts of are quite a darker shade of gray. 

You might be heartbroken to hear the truth about the legality of This website doesn’t officially license the rights for broadcasting the anime you are watching there. So, the chance of anime creators ceasing and desisting this site is actually pretty high. 

Although I am not guaranteeing, this site could be criminally prosecuted. This site has a dedicated page only for subletting DMCA requests. If all the content of were legal and formally licensed by the content creators, this would not be a necessity. 

On the basis of where you are living and how the particular case is pursued, you might be fined for your participation. And in case you are downloading the content, things will become more serious. 

As per the law, downloading unlicensed stuff is also a criminal offense. That is why I will recommend you not to download content from

No. 5: Watch2gether

Watch2gether also comes with a feature called, Watch2gether. With this feature, users can connect to the community pages and sites of They have links for the following things.

Here, users can connect with all these community groups and utilize the unique Watch2gether feature for syncing up anime videos and having a remote viewing party. 

As this very thing promotes communication among the users, there is always the risk that somebody in the group has bad intentions. These types of features can be used for social engineering or any other type of nefarious scheme. 

Especially if you are a parent, you should keep this thing in mind in case your children watch anime on 

No. 6: Community


Just like a lot of other anime sites, has features for community involvement. All the users of this website can talk with each other and discuss anime and almost any other thing. Just like YouTube, every video posting comes with a comment section underneath. 

There you can see what others are saying and post your comments and thoughts as well. It might seem completely fine, but you never know what you might get to see in the comment section. 

Although this website bans some particular expressions, it is still not fully automated. Individuals can post something which is against the rules and regulations, and those posts might be there for some time. 

This becomes a serious concern for the parents regarding their children. Although this website is designed in such a way to provide a safe experience to the children, now one can guarantee that children will be totally safe from inappropriate content while using 

Have A Safe Watch!

After looking into the different sides of, we can say that is one of the best online streaming websites for all anime lovers. Using this website will not expose you to potential risks. 

However, being a free streaming platform that is not licensed by content creators might bring you legal consequences especially if you are downloading any content from Using a VPN and watching your favorite anime can be a solution to this.

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