If you were thinking Elon Musk closing the deal with Twitter and calling it off was the only problem with Twitter, then you need to think harder.

Twitter, the most popular among the top-tier social media platforms, has different technical issues. One among them is constantly logging out users. It is the go-to platform for social media lovers who love to keep updated with what's trending.

Massively popular among users throughout different ends of the world, Twitter might often act awkward; logging users out is one of them.

Problems Might Be Associated With A Few Things Like:

Problems Might Be Associated With A Few Things Like:
  • The Twitter app.
  • Your data connections may be the reason.
  • It might also be due to an incorrect password and username.

So, why does Twitter keep logging me out? If you want a valid answer, you need to keep reading this article.

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Here are the few points:

1. Issue With Browser Setting

A common reason why Twitter keeps logging you out may be because of the browser settings. The problem usually happens when you disable the cookies on the browser. This might happen purposefully or ignorantly. 

Sometimes you might have cookies on your browser automatically deleting cookies. Cookies contain some vital information like your login info, your personal information, login activity, and your email address.

It is indeed helpful to delete cookies to prevent the leakage of your personal information. You can secure your personal info and your identity that way. But, as you delete your cookies, it will automatically log you out from Twitter.

The solution, in this case, would be to not delete your Twitter Cookies. Having cookies saved will retain your user info, and you will remain logged in.

2. Problems Related To Twitter App

Why does Twitter keep logging me out? Some problems related to the applications installed on your device might be a reason. Sometimes users don't offer an application all the access it asks for. Sometimes, the apps will require you to enter a pin while logging in.

For instance, when you delete any data for applications like Twitter, the app logs you out of the application and asks you to log in again. If such an issue occurs multiple times, you should reset your Twitter Password. This issue might occur if someone already has access to your account. Resetting your Twitter account should help you if such is the case.

3. Resetting Your Twitter Password

You can quite easily reset your Twitter password. When resetting your Twitter Password, you will automatically be logged out of your Twitter account. When logging in, you have to use all of your credentials, including your password, to access your Twitter account.

This issue happens to almost all platforms. You might face the same issue on Instagram or Facebook. Especially when you are trying to log in to your Twitter account on a browser after resetting your password elsewhere, you might face this issue. Your web browser tries to remember your old credentials and passwords.

So, when you try to open Twitter on the web browser, you are automatically logged out. To solve this issue, you to clear your browser cache from your device. Then you have to log in to Twitter using your new username and password.

4. Account Settings

Twitter has a tendency to reset accounts that get compromised. Sometimes Twitter considers some accounts as fake and compromised. As a result, Twitter logs the users out of these accounts.

When you try to access your account after such an occasion, Twitter sends you an email. The email asks users to confirm their identity through a password reset option. They take you through a few confirmation processes to authenticate your account and log in again.

When twitter suspects any hacking or fraud, you will be automatically logged out of your account. Resetting your Twitter password will help you resolve this problem.

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How To Reset Your Twitter Password?

How To Reset Your Twitter Password?

Most of your Twitter-related login problems occur due to password-related problems. So, it would be best if you changed your Twitter password.

Here are the steps to help you reset your password.

  1. Go to your Twitter Sign-In page.
  2. Look for and click on Forget Password option.
  3. Now you will be asked for your email.
  4. You need to provide the email ID connected with your Twitter.
  5. You will receive a mail from Twitter with a password reset code.
  6. The code will remain valid for 60 minutes. You need to use the code to reset within this time.
  7. You can choose a new password to reset your Twitter password.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I hope that the previous sections of this article were able to solve your problem. However, here are some popularly asked questions you might want answers to.

1. How Do You Stay Logged Into Twitter App?

You can keep yourself logged into the Twitter app. Here are some steps to help you-
1. Select Options from the left navigation panel.
2. In the Social Menu, you have to click General.
3. Now select the option reading Keep Me Logged In.

2. Why Does Twitter App Keep Asking Me For Password?

Twitter likes to keep your personal information and credentials secure. That is why they keep asking you for password and login info every time you try to log in from different devices, IP devices and different locations.

3. Can You Change Your Twitter Password?

Yes, you can change your Twitter Password. Twitter lets its users change if needed. Twitter also suggests you change your password from time to time to avoid security breaches. You can go to the forget password option on your Twitter Sign-in page to change your Twitter password.

4. Why Can't I Log Into Twitter App?

When you are having trouble logging into Twitter, it might be due to the reasons below –
1. The browser settings may be at fault.
2. Some issues with the account settings.
3. Twitter app-related problems.
4. If you are logging into Twitter from a different location or IP address.
5. The app might be outdated.

Bottom Line!

Why does Twitter keep logging me out? I think reading this article has helped you to find the proper answer. I have also suggested some solutions. You can resolve most of these issues just by resetting your password.

However, if you have any queries related to this issue, you can put questions in the comment box. I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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