Construction sites need a lot of monitoring. First, there are all the equipment and construction materials you need to check to ensure there aren’t any lost or stolen items.

Second, there’s the daily progress of your construction team, so you can be certain that everyone is doing productive work during operating hours. Lastly, proper monitoring is also necessary to minimize and prevent construction accidents. Should one happen, you have proper records to trace the circumstances surrounding the accident.

For these reasons and many more, keeping your construction site safe and well-monitored is a must. While you might want to be there 24/7, you can’t have your eyes glued to one construction site, especially when you have multiple sites to keep track of. This is where you’ll need proper planning and strategies for construction sites.

Fortunately, today’s technology has made it possible to monitor a construction site better. When you achieve this, you guarantee that your construction site is safe, your crew is productive, and see your progress daily.

Here Are Four Prime Tips To Improve Construction Site Monitoring

That said, here are four ways you can improve monitoring your construction sites.

1. Construction Time Lapse Camera

Construction Time Lapse Camera

A construction time lapse camera might not be common in construction sites years ago. However, nowadays, it has earned its place in construction sites. Currently, it’s one of the most effective ways of recording any construction project

All you have to do is set the camera in position and start recording with the settings you prefer. You can play the recording back anytime you want or even upload it to your website as part of your portfolio of the projects you completed.

There are many time-lapse cameras you can choose from today. However, the most important factor you must consider is whether the camera can record high-definition videos. So you have clear recordings whenever you need to review certain parts of the project.

2. Keep An Updated Inventory List Daily

Updated Inventory List

Updating your supplies seems like a lot of work, but stocks move quickly on a construction site. Because of this high turnover rate, it’s a critical practice to keep an updated list of your inventory daily.

Prepare this list at the end of every day so you know what’s left of the construction materials and equipment you have for the next day. That way, you stay on top of what you need, and it also enables you to track whether or not there’s theft.

In most projects, the foreman is the one responsible for keeping track of all your supplies. Make your job easier by using an inventory management system. This system allows you to see your supplies in real-time. That way, you can proposition your clients to buy more supplies where necessary.

Construction sites often appear attractive to thieves, especially sites with minimal security. Unfortunately, a high incidence of theft also means losses. Monitoring construction site inventory can be easier when you do it daily than in a longer timeframe.

3. Hold Everyone Accountable

construction equipment

Even when using the latest construction equipment and tracking software, your efforts might not be enough if you don’t hold your construction team accountable for their actions. Make it a policy where, as soon as an employee sets foot on site, they’re accountable for everything they do on the site. 

Don’t rely too much on your equipment to monitor your construction site. These tools can still fail, such as in cases of a power interruption. A concerted effort of keeping your team accountable can help make monitoring your site more accurate and efficient, with or without the latest tools and technology.

For instance, it’s easier to keep track of hand or power tools when you hold each crew member accountable. They’re responsible for returning it to your stockroom or warehouse when the workday ends. When each one does their part in tracking and monitoring, it’s easier to monitor stocks and equipment and who is responsible for them.

4. Keep Your Construction Site Organized

 construction site organized

Keeping your construction site organized goes hand in hand with keeping everyone onsite accountable. Whether you’re monitoring a construction or another project, completing this task might be challenging when you haven’t organized your site properly.

Organizing your worksite can take time, training, and effort, but it’s doable. Make it a point to implement a clean-as-you-go system onsite. That way, you start a new working day with a clean construction site.

Final Thoughts

For site or project managers, monitoring a construction site can be challenging. There’s no easy way around this task, as inefficient monitoring can lead to delays and lost profits.

Beyond profit losses and inefficient use of time, accidents can also cause injuries or fatalities to your crew. The tips in this blog post can help you improve monitoring your construction site, whether you have one or more.

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