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How to Sell a Property in the Florida Housing Market

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Florida Housing Market

There are different reasons why many homeowners choose to sell their houses today. Some do so because of the loss of a loved one, a divorce, or debt issues. For those in a competitive housing market, selling their property can be very difficult. Thankfully, there are housing solutions that help them sell their property without hassles.

The housing market involves the supply and demand for homes in a particular region. In most big cities, this market is very competitive and challenging. This is why many homeowners hire real estate agents that deal with selling and buying homes.

One competitive market in the U.S is the Florida housing estate. The demand for homes in this area is skyrocketing each year. This increase is due to the city’s warm temperature and closeness to the best beaches in the world.

To scale through this difficult estate market, many seek the aid of different realtors. If you want to keep, sell or buy homes and you are not sure of how to go about it, you can go to Florida Home Solutions for some help.

Steps to Take When Selling a Property in the Florida Housing Market

The following are some important steps to follow:

Choose a Housing Solutions Agent

Choose a Housing Solutions Agent

Many real estate sales do not involve banks. Rather, the process passes through a middleman or housing solution agency. This middleman will list your property for sale and assist you in selling it. Since the agent will represent you, make sure to exercise care when choosing one.

There are certain factors that you should take note of before choosing these agents. These factors include:

i. Experience

Since the real estate market is competitive, only those with a high level of experience will successfully make sales. So, before you hire an agent, make sure you research their level of expertise. Hire only based on experience.

ii. Reputation

Your property is your greatest asset. You would not want the agent you hire to deliver poor service. If you choose the wrong real estate solution, they may fail to sell your home before the agreed date or pay you less than agreed. To avoid these situations, ensure that you hire a reputable agent.

iii. Prices

Since you are hiring this agent to sell your house, you will need to pay certain fees. This can be a commission from the home sale. Understand how much they charge for this. You can choose at least three agents and compare their prices.

Ask for a Consultation

Smart homeowners make sure that they interview the agents they wish to work with. Be wary of middlemen who do not probe you for wanting to sell your property. You can ask the agent questions like:

  • How long have they been in the market?
  • What is the average list price to selling price ratio?
  • What is your marketing strategy for my property sale?
  • How much do they charge?

Notice how they answer your questions. You need an agent that you can communicate with well. You also need one who is an excellent negotiator. For likely questions to ask these agents, read this article.

Draft Out a Contract

Draft Out a Contract

After the interview, it will become clear which agent to hire. So, the next step is for both of you to draft out a contract. This contract will contain the house location, the number of months it should be listed for sale, and the commission to pay the agent.

Market the Property

You and your real estate agent must work together to advertise your home. Make sure to approve the housing solution’s marketing campaign. You might also confirm that your house is listed online. You and your realtor can post photos and descriptions of your home on social media.

Co-operate With a Home Inspector

Prepare your home for inspection. Many home buyers will only purchase a property that passes an inspection. Hire a reputable contractor for this inspection. Remember that the report from this inspector will be given to the home buyer, so make sure your property passes this inspection.

Understand the Housing Market in Your Area

Understand the Housing Market in Your Area

Like any purchase, you need to know the estimates of the area you live in is. Do your research on how developed a property must be before it becomes marketable. Would you need to make some renovations, or will there be total revamping of the building? Do well to check if this is necessary. For helpful tips on how to renovate a property, check here:

Close the Deal

After all the processes are passed, your agent will close your property deal with the buyer. The proceeds from the property will be sent to you – minus your agent commission fees, home repairs fees, and other fees in the contract paperwork.


Selling a property in a competitive housing market is very stressful, especially when you do not understand how to do so. This is why it is important to hire a housing solution agent. Their experience and skills will assist you in selling your home.

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