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Best Tips To Make The Most Out Of The Diamond Core Drilling Technique

author-img By Krysta Jackson 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

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Diamond core drilling is used to drill holes into extremely rigid materials like concrete walls, floors and others. This procedure sorts out electrical and plumbing purposes with ease. The diamond drilling technique is considered to be very useful when done in an efficient way.

It is generally performed when it comes to the concrete material but that does not mean it cannot be used with the other materials. This tool is known for its versatility and that is why, it also produces best results with stone, metal, tile and asphalt. Few of the purposes of diamond core drilling are

  • Making huge aperture for ducts.
  • Creating small openings for wiring and pipes.
  • Making holes for anchoring bolts or placement.

There is no limit to the depth of the holes that can be created using diamond core drilling. This technique of drilling requires lots of attention in order to complete the procedure safely. There are few tips which must be kept in mind before you start working with the diamond core drill.

Analyse The Material That You Use

There is a purpose behind using diamond as a base material in this machine. Diamond is considered to be the hardest metal of all and that is why it is the best substance that can be used in order to drill or cut through hard substances, for instance, concrete. The problem arises while drilling the soft materials like wood. The drillers need to be very attentive during drilling such material as they can block the drill bits.

But, that does not mean that the drillers can be a little careless when it comes to hardest substances. That is not true! Sapphire which is very tough needs patience during the drilling work when more than a single drill bit is used.

Dry Or Wet Drilling?

After the material is decided, you have to analyse whether you want to drill it dry or wet? Dry core drilling makes it possible to drill the material present in the house like the brick, sandstone, soft stone etc. Such substances are easy to drill and are not so tough. The positive thing about them is they hardly overheat the drill machine.

Is It Okay To Use Water?

Water is the best lubricant which is often used during the drilling process. Water keeps the machine cool and also helps in removing the waste. But, there are some conditions where water cannot be used as a lubricant. For instance, to drill the ground which contains clay, water will help in expanding the clay and that is why it is foolish to use water here. So, be very sure whether a lubricant or fluid needs to be used during the drilling procedure or not.

Go Slow With This Technique

Keep the speed slow while drilling. It is always advised to operate the machine at a comfortable speed while making the first hole. It serves two of the important purpose.

  • It extends the life of the drill bit.
  • It prevents the substance from breaking.

Do the same throughout the entire process. To complete the process safely, it is advisable to go slow until the end of the process.

Applying Too Much Pressure Will Not Be Beneficial

You need to be careful when the drill bit starts warming up or the diamond drill bits begin to get fragmented bit by bit. These are the signs when you should start applying less pressure. It is always advisable to just apply less pressure. Here, the weight of the machine will do the required work especially when the drilling process is done in a vertical manner. A slight pressure is going to be just fine when horizontal drilling is done.

There are many factors which need to be considered before starting the procedure of drilling. In order to choose the right diamond bit, the drillers have to be careful about the psi and hardness of the material used here. The workers make use of soft diamond bond when hard substances are to be drilled whereas hard diamond bond helps to drill soft surfaces.

Also, you will not find a single solution for all the drilling needs. In order to get the best results, the drilling conditions and situations need to be considered thoroughly.

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