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5 Ideas For A Low Maintenance Garden

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

low maintenance garden

Working professionals and young families understandably want to take advantage of their outdoor space without managing the upkeep around their busy schedules.

Therefore, the best utilization of the outdoor space is to build low maintenance garden. Usually, the low maintenance garden does not require a heavy maintenance cost, and with a minimal maintenance cost, you can develop a very nice-looking attractive garden.

5 Ideas For A Heavenly Looking Low Maintenance Garden

5 Ideas For A Heavenly Looking Low Maintenance Garden

Low maintains does not have any connections with the garden’s beauty. When you want to see a marvelous-looking garden from your porch, you only have to pick the right plant according to your atmosphere and the soil quality.

If you’re looking for low maintenance garden that looks good all year round, this post has five ideas for you to consider. 

1. Think About Functionality

When designing low maintenance garden, the first thing to think about is what you’d actually like to use the space for. For example, if you’re a family, it’s always nice to have a lawn where the kids can play, but if you just want to sit back and enjoy a barbeque after a long day, a deck could be a great option. 

Although the garden is low maintenance, will you want a few flower beds to add a little color? Or perhaps a vegetable patch? Before making any big decisions about gravel, flowers, or decking, it’s a good idea to sketch out the garden to understand where everything will go and how much space you’ve got left.

2. Decking 

2. Decking 

Both wood and composite decking is a great way to get the most out of your garden. From firepits to family picnics, there are endless possibilities that can happen on the deck, and it’s a many plants option for decorating low maintenance garden. Good quality grass is the best choice for the garden.

Decking can be accessorized with planters, water features, or even lighting to add a homely and modern style. Composite decking is particularly good for those who don’t want to keep their eye on wooden decks. Wood can decay when exposed to water pooling and needs resealing from time to time to keep waterproof. On the other hand, composite requires just a simple wash and a sweep before you get using it again.

3. Fencing 

Fencing provides privacy while also being very low maintenance. As long as your support posts are strong enough to withstand the windy weather, you’ll have very little upkeep. Hedges do look nice as a privacy barrier; however, they will require constant trimming to keep them looking neat. Low maintenance garden means a nice-looking well design garden with lots of green and precise constructing color fencing.

A highland fence company will likely be able to provide both fencing and decking so that your whole garden can be coordinated for a complete finish.

4. Artificial Or Evergreen Plants

4. Artificial Or Evergreen Plants

The best way to keep your green low maintenance garden looking fresh all year round is to use evergreen plants such as lavender, fatsia, and daphne. It helps you to create an eco-friendly garden as well. These plants will add green and other colors to your garden without you having to lift a finger. In addition, they’ll reflower year after year and stay green and fresh during the colder months. 

Alternatively, you could opt for artificial plants. Faux plants have come a long way in recent years, with many looking incredibly realistic. The significant advantage of artificial options is the zero maintenance required to have a garden that looks to be blooming in flowers and life all year round. 

5. Lawn maintenance 

If you’re going to have a lawn in your garden, it will need some level of upkeep. However, regular mowing and a good fertilizer can keep your grass looking full and fresh even in the Winter. 

For those who can’t imagine themselves using the grass or don’t want to invest in a mower, you could opt for a fully graveled garden or extending the patio. Another option is artificial grass. 


Low maintenance garden is the best voice for modern-day people as you want to feel the fresh green vibes from your porch and want to drink a cup of coffee while enjoying the nice green view. But due to lack of time, garden maintains is not be possible for you. These modern five tips are always the best solutions. Apply these tips, and do not forget to share your experiences in the comment sections.

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