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Huawei Watch Fit: 5 Reasons This Can Be Your First Smartwatch

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Huawei Watch Fit

For the last few years, Huawei has been in the news for creating a range of products in the smartwatch and fitness tracker segment.

It has focussed on manufacturing devices that sport a great build quality, come packed to the brim with class-leading features, and are offered at an affordable price point.

The emphasis on the three above-mentioned points has allowed it to become one of the best-selling brands in this ecosystem.

With the Huawei Watch Fit, the brand seems to target first-time smartwatch users by combining the beauty of a smartwatch with the functionality of a fitness tracker.

Has Huawei been successful in this regard? Well, let us find out…

Huawei Watch Fit: What is the proposition here?

Huawei Watch Fit: What is the proposition here?

At first glance, you will immediately notice what Huawei is trying to do with the Watch Fit. The build quality looks and feel immediately tell you that this is a high-end smartwatch. However, the dimensions are on the thinner side giving it the appearance of a fitness tracker.

The thing about the Huawei fit watch is that it is quite unique. If you are making the mistake of thinking about this from the point of view of a fitness tracker, please don’t.

The differences start from the beautifully lit and bright 1.64-inch AMOLED screen. You do not get that on fitness trackers. You get a good resolution and a pixel density of 326 PPI. Additionally, you get three decent-enough color options- Distilled Blue, Sakura Pink, and Graphite Black.

You also get a removable rubber strap that has a buckle, and not a clasp at the end. Yes, that has become Huawei’s signature in many ways. There is just one button on the right side.

This button acts as the wake-up call and allows you to get to the home screen from any apps that you are currently using. It is quite handy and we did not find any lags.

5 Reasons Huawei Watch Fit Should Be Your First Smartwatch

5 Reasons Huawei Watch Fit Should Be Your First Smartwatch

1. Excellent Battery Life-

If you are a first-time smartwatch user, you have to know that you need to plug the same into a charging port every once in a while. The lesser you do it, the better. Huawei Watch Fit comes with a 10-day battery life even if you are using it heavily. This helps you use the smartwatch more often without worrying that it will run out of battery.

2. Long List of Fitness Features-

With a strong focus on helping, you stay fit and healthy, Watch Fit comes with heart rate monitoring, looking after your oxygen saturation levels, and even helps you sleep better. It comes with a sleep tracker that helps you manage your sleep cycles and routine. Additionally, you get your step counter, calories, burned, and a host of other fitness features.

3. 96 Workout Modes with Private Trainer-

Following the above point, you get 96 workout modes that look after both your indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you are someone who likes to run, swim, walk, hit the gym, or go cycling, Watch Fit will help you with each one of them. You also get a private trainer function that motivates you to work out and shows you a couple of moves.

4. Very Light and Great for Everyday Use-

21 grams is all that Huawei’s Watch Fit weighs. This means that you would not even notice when you have it on your hands. If you would want to sleep with the same, you will not have a problem per se. It is light and breezy and this makes it great for everyday usage. If you are looking for a watch that you can wear to work, gym, and even sleep, this is it.

5. Intelligent Smart Assistant-

We are living in an era where we have voice assistants to help us out with our everyday tasks. On Watch Fit, you have a personal assistant that can sync with your smartphone and help you with different tasks. From reminding you about meetings to telling you that you have to shop today for groceries. You can do all this and much more.

The Bottom Line

Huawei Watch Fit combines the style and aesthetics of a high-end smartwatch and the functionality of a fitness tracker. If you have any more questions about Huawei’s Watch Fit, please let us know in the comments section below.

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