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Is Huawei Band 6 The New King Of Budget Fitness Tracker Bands?

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Huawei Band 6

For the longest time, Xiaomi has dominated the budget fitness tracker bands. Xiaomi seems to have gotten the combination just right. Throw in decent build quality, pack in a battery that lasts over a week, include over-the-top features, and make it cheap; like dirt cheap.

However, other brands have been taking note and trying to take on Xiaomi’s might in this segment. Huawei, a leading electronics and technology brand has slowly released a slew of products that combine both form and functionality effortlessly.

Its fitness tracker, the Band 6 is making waves for all the right reasons. With a tall display, tons of fitness features, and a decent enough price point, let us see whether Huawei Band 6 has what it takes to dethrone Xiaomi from the pinnacle of the budget fitness trackers race.

Huawei Band 6: Is It Any Good?

Huawei Band 6: Is It Any Good?

Immediately when you lay your hands on the band6, the first thing you will notice is how closely it is similar to the bigger and the tad more expensive Huawei Watch Fit.

You get that same tall-boy screen kind of a design. When you get close enough, you notice that this isn’t as big or broad as the Watch Fit. Essentially, what you are getting is a trimmed-down version of the Watch Fit and that isn’t such a bad thing.

  • Band 6 comes with a deep, crisp, and superbly lit full AMOLED display
  • It weighs in at just 18 grams and is so light you wouldn’t feel it half the time
  • Band 6 is powered by Huawei’s Lite OS and has a clear UI and UX
  • The battery life is exceptional with more than 10 days of heavy use
  • There are no third-party app integrations like STRAVA

That being said, Lite OS really suits what you are trying to do with this fitness band. It is simple, uncomplicated, and pretty fluid. Even you are swiping, changing menus, etc. you never feel the lag at all. This is something that cannot be said about other budget fitness bands.

Fitness Features on Huawei Band 6: A Class Apart

Fitness Features on Huawei Band 6: A Class Apart

Now the first thing that we should let you know about the Band 6 is that it does all that you routinely expect from a fitness tracker- step counter, calories burned, distance covered, etc.

However, it goes over and beyond all this and tries to give you features and functionalities that you would normally find on more expensive products.

Let us try to list down some of the USPs that make Huawei Band 6 an amazing fitness tracker-

1. Heart Rate Monitor

Band 6 uses a sensor mechanism to track your heart rate and convey the same to the Huawei Health App. This is very accurate and can be helpful in medical situations.

2. Oxygen Saturation Levels

Yes, you read that right. With the pandemic and oxygen becoming such a dire commodity, the Band 6 comes with an in-built SP O2 monitoring mechanism that is accurate to 1%. This is a pretty cool feature to integrate.

3. Stress Levels Calculator

To be honest when we saw that Band 6 comes with a feature (at the time we thought of it as a quirk) that calculates your stress levels. It classifies it between Normal, Medium, and High. The best part- it works!

4. Sleep Tracking Software

Leading reviewers including our good friends at Tech Radar have paid rich praises for Band 6’s sleep tracking software. This helps you get your sleep cycles in order. We tried it for a week and found it to be very helpful.

The Final Takeaway

The Huawei Band 6 is a great fitness tracker for individuals that are looking for an affordable companion but do not want to compromise on any of the features that such trackers provide. Huawei has done a fantastic job with Band 6. However. The absence of GPS, that incidentally comes with the Watch Fit is a major bummer. But considering the price point that the Band 6 comes with, Huawei has a real winner on its hands.

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