How To Increase The Level Of Intimacy In Your Relationship?

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Your Relationship

As human beings, we all put a lot of value into the relationships we form, whether we are talking about friendships or romantic ones. This is because interactions with other human beings are important for our overall social and mental well-being.

If you were to live out your life completely alone, that would be a rather sad life. I am sure, though, that you have a lot of meaningful relationships in your life. And, I am also sure that you are ready to work on those relationships since they won’t be able to last if you just take them for granted.

Today, our focus is going to be on the romantic ones, because, at a certain point, you might feel that you and your partner are just not on the same level. In other words, you might feel that you two are drifting apart and that the intimacy level is not enough for the both of you to be happy with the way things are going.

Well, this is completely normal and it is bound to happen from time to time, but there are certain things you can do with the aim of increasing the level of intimacy in your relationship, and that’s precisely what we are going to be talking about.

No matter how much you and your partner love each other, sometimes you just might feel distant. Your everyday lives will get in the way of your intimacy and you might even find it difficult to schedule some time to spend together, which can really deal a blow to your relationship.

Yet, if you decide to work on your emotional intimacy, you will quickly start feeling closer to each other and your love will grow together with your sense of closeness and understanding. If two people don’t manage to achieve that kind of closeness and a great level of understanding, then their relationship is highly unlikely to last, as I am sure you already know.

Since you do want your relationship to last, here is what I would advise you. Take your time to learn some more about how to actually increase the level of intimacy in your relationship, because that’s the key to both closeness and love. If you are ready to learn, then you should undoubtedly keep on reading, because I’ve prepared some tips for you that will help you do this. Here we go.

1. Schedule More Time Together

Schedule More Time Together

The thing that is absolutely necessary for you to do when aiming at increasing your level of intimacy with your partner is this. You need to spend more time together and I am guessing that this is perfectly logical for everyone.

Yet, with such busy schedules, you might find it difficult to organize any kinds of activities that you can do together because you just might be tired after a long day of work. Well, you’ll have to step up your game here.

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If you are feeling that you simply cannot find any time to spend it together, here is what you should do. Schedule that time, just like your jobs and your other responsibilities are scheduled. Of course, it’s not that you should turn your relationship into a job, but the fact that you’ll schedule more moments together means that spending that specific time with each other will come naturally after a while.

This will turn into a habit and it will be a spontaneous activity instead of a “responsibility”, which is what we started out with.

2. Remind Yourself To Share Love

It can be easy for couples to fall into certain routines and to completely forget to show their love to their significant other while going about their days and trying to meet various goals. If you feel that you are one of those people who often forget to share their love with their partner.

Here is what you should do. Set some reminders to, well, remind you of doing this. Once again, this will help you build a habit of spending some time expressing your love to each other.

3. Listen To Problems Without Trying To Solve Them

Listen To Problems Without Trying To Solve Them

Most people will get frustrated at one point for another and for whatever reason. In those instances, it is important for a person to have someone to listen to her and be there during that period of being emotionally overwhelmed and extremely frustrated. Of course, this is what romantic partners do for one another and it is undeniably a great thing.

What you should remember, though, is that you don’t always need to search for solutions when your partner has a problem. You can simply learn to listen to them, and listen carefully because that will help grow your intimacy. Go here to check what else will help you do that.

4. Give Thoughtful Gifts

Gifts are a fun part of every relationship. While I am not one of those people who believe that gifts are absolutely necessary for building intimacy, I do believe they can be of help. The trick is, unsurprisingly, in creating and getting thoughtful gifts that show you actually know and understand your partner.

Sometimes, you could even think about getting certain gifts that you both can use, such as those books with challenges that are quite popular today and similar things.

5. Plan A Vacation Together

Plan A Vacation Together

What could be a better way of bonding than a vacation during which you’ll be able to spend all your time together and do all of the things mentioned above, such as give thoughtful gifts, listen to each other, and share your love? I understand that you and your partner might be too busy every day, but the truth is that you can both get some time off work and go on a vacation.

Well, you should plan that vacation together and choose a destination that you will both love so that you can bond and further increase your level of intimacy. Plus, you will get to relax and sort of recharge your batteries while on vacation, which is certainly good not only for your relationship but also for your overall health.

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