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A Guide to House Plants (Infographic)

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

There are plenty of reasons to add house plants around your home, two of the main factors being their appearance and their practical qualities. House plants add a noticeable yet understated visual embellishment to a living space, while many of them will help to filter the air to make it cleaner and healthier for you, as well as emitting oxygen.

Should you decide to go shopping for house plants, it’s worth thinking beforehand about which plant types would be best suited to which parts of your home. Let’s start with the living room, as it’s a space which is often occupied and is intended for relaxing. You’ll want plants here to be visually pleasing and helping with air quality. English ivy and peace lily score highly on both fronts, with the former highly adaptable and aesthetically stunning, while the latter raises humidity levels by 5% to prevent irritations such as blocked noses.

Moving to the kitchen and dining room, it’s ideal to have more compact plants here as kitchen space especially can be limited. An aluminium plant can be kept in a hanging basket, which will free up valuable counter space, while its tropical nature makes it well suited to warm rooms. In the bedroom, you should go for plants which emit plenty of oxygen and hence will provide you with greater sleep quality. Aloe Vera and snake plants are known for their supply of oxygen, which will help to optimise the air quality within the room.

Knowing what plants to buy and where to keep them is one thing. Knowing how to maintain their quality through consistent care is another. House plants require plenty of watering and exposure to light, but it’s important to keep both of these in check so that the plant doesn’t become overly watered or shrivelled by direct sunlight. If you find that a plant is struggling for life despite carefully looking after it, you might need to consider moving it to a different location.

Learn more about some of the best plants for your home, and how to care for them to preserve their longevity, in this infographic from EZ Living Interiors.

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House Plants (Info-graphic)

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