What Does Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

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what does dragon fruit taste like

What does dragon fruit taste like? This is the first question raised in my mind when I saw this toy-like fruit in the local market. Dragon Fruit is one of the popular antioxidant fruits.

It comes in a variety of flavors and colors. After seeing dragon fruit on the local market and on Instagram reels, I bought and researched it to know the Origin of this fruit.

As such, you need to know everything besides “what does a dragon fruit taste like,” and I am the only one who can tell you about the experience of real taste and research knowledge.

The first move on the Origin of the red or pink color fruit like flaming 🔥, this can be one of the reasons to call this Dragon fruit.

Dragon Fruit: The Origin

Dragon Fruit: The Origin

Many of the new fruit tasters like me always think about what does dragon fruit taste like. Well, the taste, color, name, and origin of dragon fruit have some interesting facts.

What it’s the origin? You may think that dragon fruit originated from China/ Thailand or an East Asia country, but not. Instead, it comes from Central–Southern America and Mexico.

Dragon fruit falls into the group of Cactus. Yet, we call them interesting fruits or plants. It is widely grown in many Asian countries, such as Malaysia, China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

People also call it pitahaya, strawberry pear, or pitaya. And this different name and color is the reason people are always curious to know how does dragon fruit taste and what is the benefit of dragon fruits. So, let’s move on to this.

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What Does Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

What Does Dragon Fruit Taste Like? 

The dragon fruits have a distinctive type with a mix of flavors. You may notice the remarkable shape, which is bursting with different eye catchy colors.

You may want to taste this new kind of shape and colorful fruit but worry if its flavor is not acceptable.

Yeah, I can understand because when I saw dragon fruit first, I wondered what does dragon fruit taste like and whether it is sweet or sour?

After I tested the red dragon fruit, it was slightly sweet, like a mild kiwi. Many people ask me what does red dragon fruit taste like; it’s like a pleasant sweetness. When you first take the bite, you will feel the sweetness and refreshing fruity smell bursting in your mouth.

Well, I will go deeper into the taste for a better understanding. As I said, it is mildly sweet, and there are a lot of seeds that give chia style crunch.

The texture of the fruit is creamy and a little bit watery. A mildly sweet taste can remind you of unripe pear. Juicy, crisp, and creamy are unlike other tropical fruits in the world.

If you ask: what does yellow dragon fruit taste like, as similar as other versions of Pitaya? The fruit is itself amazing with its color and texture, but the flavor can disappoint you if you expect something to mind- shattering taste.

Varieties Of Dragon Fruit

You may see pictures of a variety of dragon fruit on social media. For example, you may see the blue, red, or pink color of dragon fruit.

Beyond this, most people don’t know that there are multiple dragon fruits available in the world.

Above section, I discussed what does dragon fruit taste like; now, I will discuss the difference of skin and flesh colors. Let’s explore them.

1. Pink Dragon Fruit

Pink Dragon Fruit

This variant has pink skin and white flesh. One of the most common types found in the market. First, I saw this variant of Pitaya in the fruit shops.

There are pink-skinned with bits of green all over them. When you cut it, the flesh is extremely white with many black seeds. Well, besides this, there are wide varieties out there, and this is one of them.

2. White-Flesh Pitaya

White-Flesh Pitaya

White flesh pitaya and Pink dragon variants are the same. When you cut into Pink Pitaya, you will see white flesh. It is also available on yellow skinned dragon fruit that has white flesh.

Most people like this one with white flesh. Many of us bled it to make a drink or shake. White flesh Pitaya has pink and yellow skin. It is similar to pink dragon fruit.

3. Purple- Flesh Dragon Fruit

Purple- Flesh Dragon Fruit

And the third with purple flesh Pitaya. It is an interesting one. The skin color is red, but the flesh is purple. 

One of the most colorful fruits. It is very attractive. When cut into it, you will be surprised by the color texture of purple flesh.

There is a secret that is red flesh dragon fruit gradually turning into dark purple flesh. However, red flesh and purple flesh dragon fruit are the same.

4. Red-Flesh Pitaya

Red-Flesh Pitaya

After white and purple flesh, there is one with red flesh. So when you buy a red skin Pitaya, you may think it is similar to white flesh dragon fruit.

Once you cut it and open the slice, you’ll be amazed by the color change on the inside. It is completely a beautiful magenta color.

In addition, it has a complex flavor compared with the white version. The interesting thing is there is a touch of acidity here. So please be careful while you’re preparing it.

5. Yellow Skin- White Flesh Pitaya

Yellow Skin- White Flesh Pitaya

The fifth variety has yellow skin with white flesh. Dragon fruit has a fifth version. This version is very rare. Wherever you see these vibrant yellow pitaya, just grab them. Don’t miss out on the chance.

This type of dragon fruit has bright yellow color skin underneath it, juicy white flesh, and spiky thorns. But, if you don’t find the thrones, do not panic. It might be the case as they are removed right before entering the local market.

The best thing is yellow skin. Pitaya has different flavors. It is sweeter with a pleasant scent.

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How To Eat Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit itself is unlike other fruits; similarly, the eating process of this fruit is also different. 

First, take one variant of Pitaya and clean it with water. Most people asked how to cut dragon fruit. It is very simple to eat dragon fruit. Dragon fruit has thinner skin.

However, the outside part of the fruit is not for eating; you can eat only the inside of the fruit. Take a knife and cut it into two pieces.

Now you can slice it into multiple pieces or scoop out the flesh. If you prefer, you can peel the skin like a banana.

Nutrition Facts Of Dragon Fruit

Fruit means it has a lot of nutrients. Dragon fruit has also contained some significant vitamins.

With knowing the answer to what does dragon fruit taste like, it is important to focus on dragon fruit benefits. Dragon fruit is a decent source of minerals such as magnesium, iron, and fiber. 

Here are the nutrients facts for 100 grams of Dragon Fruit. 

Protein1.2 gm
Fat0 gm
Carbs13 gm
Fiber3 gm
Vitamin C3% of the RDI
Magnesium10% of the RDI
Iron4% of the RDI

Besides this, dragon fruits provide numerous antioxidants, such as flavonoids, betalains, and hydroxycinnamates. These can protect your cells from aging and chronic disease.

Now, you may understand why health-conscious people make Instagram reels of eating Dragon fruit.

As it gives a high amount of magnesium and fiber with low-calorie content, dragon fruit is considered a highly nutrient-rich fruit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

You can look at it once below. Here is something more about dragon fruits that people ask frequently. 

Q1. Does Dragon Fruit Help You Lose Weight?

Due to 0 fat and low calorie with fewer carbohydrates, dragon fruit can help you to lose weight. If you think about which fruit can be intake during your diet, you can eat dragon fruit in multiple ways. Its rich fiber helps you to stay full for a long time.

Q2. Does Dragon Fruit Make You Sleepy?

Based on research, pitaya contains 38.9 mg per 100g of pulp Magnesium. It is a natural sedative that can be good for a night’s sleep.

Q3. Do You Eat Dragon Fruit For Skin Care?

Yes, you can eat it for skin care. It has antioxidant compounds that make your skin healthy. You can also apply the flesh on your skin.

Final Words!

Today, the most trendy and colorful fruit is dragon fruit or Pitaya. If you think like me to try new things but are a little bit scared, then I would like to suggest you can taste dragon fruit once in a lifetime. And if you like Kiwi, then you are also going to like the taste of this colorful funny-looking fruit.

Dragon fruit adds lots of colors to a salad preparation and shake. So, I think you got the answer to what does dragon fruit taste like. But, I would like to know your feedback.

What do you think about the taste of dragon fruit? Let me know after trying Pitaya.

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