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What Do You Need To Know To Find A Good Developer?

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Good Developer

If you are looking for a good developer, then you should know how to do it right and what to look for when choosing. The main thing is to gain strength and patience and stock up on enough time to find a really good candidate.

So here we will figure out everything about finding a good and responsible worker in IT for your project or development.

With the subject of social media and technology, in general, evolving at an impressive rate, it’s hard for recruiters to identify the skills needed to be a web developer and more unless they have technical knowledge.

It is worth noting that developer skills vary depending on the required applications, developing an application for mobile devices such as iPhone is different from developing an application for the Windows operating system. It all depends on the platform on which it will be developed.

In the case of social media, the web platforms are varied, Twitter (Twitter), Facebook (Facebook), Google (Google), WordPress (WordPress) and others have their development tools, so things get a little more complicated.

To quickly and easily find the right specialist, we will look at some simple and useful tips that will suit everyone.

1. Experienced social media user

You must have a very good experience with social media and social media apps. This shows how social a person is and whether he or she has user skills in global networks.

social media user

Recommended questions:

❓ How many social networks are you registered with?

❓ Do you know any Twitter, or Facebook clients?

❓ What do you use to integrate all your social networks?

❓ Are you familiar with monitoring tools?

Knowing how social media and tools work is essential to being able to apply the context of social media in development.

2. Programming languages

It is important to know the programming languages ​​supported by the SDK (Software Development Kits) of each social network, languages ​​such as PHP, Javascript, Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, and C# are the most used. You should also be familiar with various technologies such as XML, SQL, JQuery, and AJAX (Ajax overviews).

Programming languages

Recommended questions:

❓ Have you developed with Ruby on Rails?

❓ What programming editor are you using?

Good knowledge of programming languages ​​and programming tools is the main skill of a web developer.

3. Open source platforms

It is highly recommended to be familiar with open source tools and the concept, as most social media development platforms have open source tools that a developer can use and rely on.

If a developer is or has collaborated on an open source project, this is a good sign for the recruiter, it indicates that they will have no problem using the available tools.

Open source platforms

Recommended questions:

❓ Are you involved in any open source project?

❓ Do you use open-source tools?

❓ Do you know what CVN, SVN, and git version manager are?

A developer with extensive knowledge of open source platforms has a competitive edge over other web programmers and the company provides well-structured development.

4. CMS Implementation

Content management system management (CMS) should be known, systems such as WordPress, Joomla (Joomla), and Drupal (Drupal) are platforms that a developer can rely on to implement custom solutions and social network integration in a very short time. However, CMS systems can be used as frameworks where you can implement professional solutions with some plugin settings.

CMS Implementation

Recommended questions:

❓ Have you developed any plugins for these systems?

❓ Do you know or participate in the communities of these systems?

❓ What other CMS do you know?

The ability to install and manage CMS systems indicates that the developer knows the architecture of most web platforms and can create applications based on them.

When choosing a developer, be guided by all the above tips and questions. With their help, you can find a cool employee for your team.

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