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Tips for Finding Jobs in London for Immigrants

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023


Deciding to migrate to London is not easy. You will be in a different environment, and you have to cope with the challenges ahead. The first thing to do is secure employment. It is crucial that you take a job that will sustain your expenses. If you are taking your entire family with you, it is even more critical to have a job that will make you financially stable.

Since London is a massive city with millions in population, you can find various industries with job vacancies. The key is for you to be patient in searching for a job that fits your skills and qualifications. These tips will help you as you commence your job hunt.

1. Focus on your niche:

Start looking for jobs where you believe you have qualifications and experience. Since the UK is a large country, it is easy for you to find employment in media, tech, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, retail, and many others. You can learn other skills later if you still cannot find a job that suits your expertise.

2. Look for jobs online:

jobs online

Before you try going to different places to find a job, you can start online. Some sites regularly update job posts. You also need to filter the options to match your preference in terms of background, location and salary range. Some of these jobs might even be suitable for non-locals.

3. Strengthen your network:

You need to expand your connections so that someone can recommend you for a post. Sometimes, companies do not advertise job openings online. They rely on recommendations and word of mouth. If you have an expanded network through local organizations, it will help others see your value and recommend you for a post.

4. Look for an agent:

If you have a hard time looking for a job online, you can seek help from job agencies. They have a wide range of job listings. They will help find the job that suits your skills. Find agencies that have high ratings and positive reviews. If possible, you need an agency that specializes in the same area that you have an interest in.

5. Improve your CV:


Check your CV and try to update it. You can even create different versions of your CV to highlight the skills most suitable to the position you are trying to apply for. Change your photo and use something more formal. The first few lines of the CV need to showcase your skills and what you can do to help the company.

6. Prepare for the interview:


Most companies in the UK would interview before accepting someone for a job. It is essential for you to take the time to prepare for the interview by practicing some of the most common questions. You also need to study to improve your English skills. If you cannot communicate well, it will be difficult for you to land a job.

Once you find a job, it is time to process your visa and move to the UK. You can ask for help from immigration solicitors if you want to speed up the process of obtaining a visa.

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