Wood desk top is considered the most traditional solution in the market.

At the same time, it remains in high demand today, especially for loft-style interiors. This is truly an ideal choice for any work surface.

The material is rather easy to maintain, it is wear-resistant and long-lasting. What matters is to choose it carefully. So that when you decide to buy wood desk top, your purchase will please you for years to come.

A natural wood tabletop is a very exclusive and beautiful option for any space in your home or office. Natural materials are always highly praised by customers. Still, many people are simply afraid to choose such type of desk because of its delicate care.

The high cost is due to the long lifetime and gorgeous appearance. However, to ensure a long service life, you need to take proper care of such a tabletop.

Key Advantages And Disadvantages Of Desk Tops

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Desk Tops

First, let's talk about the strong points of custom desk tops made of natural material.

We can distinguish the following advantages.

  1. The grain and naturalness of natural wood. Even the best quality imitation fails to replicate the exceptional wood texture. The noble wood suits both classic and modern interior design.
  2. The service life ranges between 20 and 25 years provided the countertop is treated properly. Wood species appear even more beautiful over the years.
  3. Great restoration options. Any scratches can first be sanded down and then coated with a special oil varnish
  4. The unlimited creative potential for designing different tabletop shapes.
  5. The wooden surface is much warmer than that of tile or stone.
  6. Desk top solid wood is easy enough to clean since dirt and grease traces are almost invisible on it.

Although there are many pros, the drawbacks are still there. If you know about them, you can avoid any disappointments.

Let's take a closer look at the disadvantages of natural wood countertops

  • Work surfaces require regular reapplication of the protective coating;
  • If not properly protected, a desk top is highly sensitive to water damage;
  • The surface is less resistant to scratches;
  • Remove any pigments, cleaning agents, and acids from the surface as quickly as possible. They can be absorbed and leave traces.

Maintenance Of Wood Worktops

Maintenance Of Wood Worktops

The wood of a custom desk top can be secured in two ways, either by oiling or staining. Both options offer protection from moisture and minor damage. Still, oil can slightly change the color of the material. Oiling should be repeated at least once a year.

The compound is wiped off the top with a cloth or a cotton swab. An oil-based coating can be repaired by sanding down the damaged areas with sandpaper and applying a new coat of oil.

Another advantage of this impregnation is the preservation of the natural "live" texture of the wood. While Matte worktops feature a distinctive wood grain and provide a more natural effect.

Useful Tips And Recommendations

Using Wood Desk Tops

When cleaning desk top solid wood, use specific products or a soap solution. Improper selection of household chemicals can cause streaks, stains, and damage to the coating.

The wooden surface is prone to severe deformation upon contact with hot objects. Choose the shade of the countertop to match the color of the fronts, as well as with the floor and window sills.

Wood desk tops are both beautiful and practical, they are warmer to the touch than stone or quartz. They are also more appealing than solid surfaces or laminate plastic.

This product offers a wide range of options. You can choose both the wood species and color solution. We offer elm, ash, and walnut desk tops.

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