How Hotels Use Art to Stand Out (Infographic)

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In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, companies must think of unique ways to compete with each other in a way that will also benefit their target customers. In hotel and tourism industry, competing brands are pushing the industry to newer heights as they take advantage of rather one of the oldest medium known to man – art.

The use of visual art as a marketing strategy is not entirely a new concept.In fact, it has become deeply ingrained in our daily routine that one must have already encountered a minimalist painting or a classical art installation while walking the hallways of an office building, school, hospital, and even on subway stations and parks.

Throughout the years, art has become a way for many companies and organizations to spice uptheir real estate. Not only artprovides passersby and visitors with something to look at, it also changes the way they perceive the business itself. For most hotels across the world, art is not just something to decorate their walls and façade of their establishment, but also a rudimentary element of their brand identity, and the feelingandexperience they offer to their guests.

From post-impressionist paintings andarchaic bronze sculptures to interactive art installations and digital-based performances, the hotel and tourism industry leverages a variety of art styles that represents not only their character but also reflects the community they belong in. It is an effective medium that triggers intrigue and curiosity of the guests and is a sure way to gain respect from people who value art.

Other hotels also display extravagant art decors to showcase their brand’s elegance, prestige, and power. As a result, hotels that use art have the advantage of attracting customers that seek a different and more immersive hotel experience than what an ordinary hotel can provide. More importantly, they have loyal clients who are more than willing to share their experiences with their friends and colleagues, thus proving that art is a worthy investment that provides boundless results for the hotels.

To learn more about how hotels use art to stand out in today’s competitive hospitality and tourism industry, check out the infographic below from Accent Frame and Art.

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