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5 Tips for Decorating on a Budget

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read September 8, 2017


If you are passionate about interior design but lack of money to do something spectacular, then you will need to be creative and be able to think outside the box to realise your grand vision. We all like to have a cohesive decorative scheme in our home, but when we don’t the reason why this is the case is sometimes down to a lack of money.

However, we can all reach our end goal with persistent and patience and we you don’t need to break the bank in the process either. In this article we have rounded up the top 5 tips for decorating your home on a budget.

1. Set a budget

Before you do anything ensure you set a realistic budget for your interior design project and stick to it. When it comes to doing a big decorating job most people often buy the first thing that catches their eye. This is bad idea. Instead, only purchase the items that you have budgeted for. Ask yourself what are the pieces that will really bring your room to life. How many of these can you realistically afford? Do you want a grand clock to frame your home or will a smaller chic item do as an alternative?

2. Have patience shopping for deals

If you don’t to spent large amounts of money on expensive items for your interior design project then you are going to have to learn to bargain hunt like a pro. It’s important that you bide your time and hold out for items that help realise your overall vision and not jump at the first thing that seems like a good deal. The worst feeling in the world is buying something that you really and truly do not love. Once you have found that winning item you will soon realise it was well worth waiting for.

3. Play around with arrangements

Artwork and objects can be arranged to keep a fresh, unique setting, much like ingredients in a recipe. Start by taking a main focal piece and then arrange more ordinary and inexpensive items around that piece. This one simple trick is one easy way for you to stretch your budget further.

One of the most impactful things you can do with your interior design is take some old china plates and arrange them in a random fashion on your wall. Doing so will bring a sophisticated and classy look to any home.

4. Use what you’ve already got

Why shop around for the best of the best when you are likely to have some hidden gems stowed away somewhere in your very own home? You might just surprise yourself with what you find by simply raiding the cupboards or rummaging through old junk in your attic space.

If you have a kids room that needs updating then why not dig out some old baby toys that you may have hidden in storage and get the use of them by creating an arrangement you’ve never put together before.

5. Do it yourself

Perhaps the best way to truly express your artistic vision through interior design is through DIY. We don’t mean large scale DIY like replacing work tops or knocking down walls – we mean small scale do-it-yourself art and, pillows, throws and general trinkets and accessories.

Grab some old wood and experiment with painting styles by creating a high impact sign. Or why not source an old frame and canvas and embrace your inner artist. The results might surprise you and if you are feeling stretched or low the feeling can be very therapeutic.


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