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Features of Drawer Runners with Soft-Close Mechanisms

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read December 3, 2021

Drawer Runners

In our homes, our kitchens are the most often used rooms. Friends and family gather to savor a hearty dinner and good conversation. Cabinets, pantries, freezers, and drawers are continually being opened and closed as a result of the heavy volume of foot activity.

I wonder how many times you heard your mother cry, “Don’t slam the drawers!” If you want to avoid slamming drawers, consider installing a soft-close drawer runner. Your mother, little fingers, and cabinet frames will all be grateful to you.

1. Relatively Low Upkeep

1. Relatively Low Upkeep

When our hands are full, we bang them with our hips or slam them shut with brute force while we’re preparing dinner. As soon as we rush to close a kitchen drawer, we make an unpleasant sound and slam the base cabinet.

Because they require minimal upkeep, soft-close drawer runners in New Zealand are great for cabinets and drawers alike. Without a smoother runner to manage the drawers, damage to the frame, paint, and worn-out slides are all too common.

2.  A More Peaceful Kitchen

There is a lot of activity in the kitchen, and we want to hear it. However, the slamming of drawers is unnecessary. A well-maintained kitchen exudes a certain charm. To achieve that refined look, use soft-close drawer runners you and your guests will be able to converse freely as you prepare the meal.

3.  Total Permanence of Contents

As previously said, slamming a drawer typically sends contents flying about, turning your utensil drawer into a rubbish drawer in a matter of seconds. You may also have to clean up some broken glass after a hard closing if you have glass inlays in your cabinet doors or delicate household objects behind those doors. To ensure that your china doesn’t get broken, use the soft-close door and cabinet hardware.

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Drawers That Are Safer

Drawers That Are Safer

You slam the drawer shut without noticing that your finger or worse, your child’s finger, was in the way. Definitely not an enjoyable or pleasant experience. Using soft-close cabinet door hinges and drawer slides can keep fingers from being pinched by mistake.

Slamming your toddler’s fingers in the kitchen drawer by accident is the worst feeling ever. Young children are curious and won’t take the time to make sure you’re not about to close the drawer on their fingers. As the drawers close swiftly, small fingers can be injured. Soft-close drawer track systems can provide a sense of security and safety for the user’s fingertips.

There are various advantages to installing soft-close runners or slides and hinges in your kitchen and cabinetry, including improved functionality and structural integrity. So, examine the contents of the cupboards and drawers in your kitchen. Aren’t they in need of an upgrade?

Consider adding something to your home’s “wow” factor that will make it more appealing to potential buyers. For the sake of tranquility, perhaps you’d like to eliminate banging sounds that are inherently present in your home. In either case, soft-close hinges are more civilized since they lend a feeling of elegance to any home.

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