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Top 5 Property Features Tenants are Looking for in 2021

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Property Features

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the multiple lockdowns that followed, there was a drastic shift in the demands and preferences of tenants and potential buyers. As more and more people started spending time at home, they wished for bigger spaces, upgraded lifestyles and gorgeous gardens. Gone are the days when people spent most hours of their day at the workplace. Now, tenants, homeowners, and new buyers are looking for homes that match their new priorities. Here are the top 5 property features that tenants are looking for in 2021.

1. Outdoor space

1. Outdoor space

Outdoor space has become one of the biggest demands among tenants in the last few months. People no longer want to be cooped up at home, but if they have to sit at home and work from home, they want a private outdoor space where they can relax, take in some fresh air and drink coffee with a pretty view.

Hence, the demand for homes and apartments with private balconies, spacious terraces and even patios has become very common. Many people are also looking to move into detached homes with private gardens, especially families with children. So, if you’ve been in touch with estate agents in Sittingbourne, to look at buy-to-let homes, ask them to show you properties with large outdoor space.

2. Pet-friendly rules

2. Pet-friendly rules

In the UK, only 7 per cent of landlords advertise pet-friendly properties. Earlier, people barely spent time at home. Now, thanks to work from home and the fear of Covid-19, most people spend their whole day at home. In this case, pets become the new best friends. Pets provide a source of comfort, joy and companionship, which is so essential in these uncertain times.

So, nowadays, most tenants are looking for pet-friendly properties. Contact local estate agents to find pet-friendly properties. If you are looking for properties to rent in Sittingbourne, contact letting agents in Sittingbourne who can help you find pet-friendly properties in the area.

3 Suburbs and outskirts

Gone are the days when people would only look for properties in the city centre. Now, to move into bigger and better homes, tenants choose to live in the suburbs and boroughs as opposed to the city centre. Of course, the average rental price in the suburb is much lower than compared to the city centre. For instance, with a given budget, a tenant might be able to find a spacious three-bedroom apartment in the outskirts. In the same budget, they would only be able to afford a compact two-bedroom apartment in the city.

4 Garage and parking space

4 Garage and parking space

According to Zoopla, a property with a garage or a parking space is a big plus among tenants. Since tenants, and new buyers, are shifting to the outskirts, wishing to upgrade their lifestyles and choosing bigger homes, of course, they’re going to need a car. In the UK, the biggest hassle any car owner has is parking!

So, if tenants have a place to park their car at night, they’ll be more than happy to pay a little extra. Also, some tenants are looking for properties with a garage to convert the garage into a home office, which is also very common these days. In short, if you’ve got a property with a garage and a parking space, you will find potential tenants in no time!

5 High-speed internet

5 High-speed internet

Now that everyone is working from home and attending Zoom calls on an hourly basis, it is evident that the internet connection needs to be fast! Earlier, high-speed internet was not such a popular demand among tenants. However, due to the work from home situation, a high-speed internet connection is probably one of the first few things that potential tenants enquire about. For a landlord, it is pretty easy to fulfil their demand!

Of course, there are quite a few other things on the list. For one, tenants are looking for properties that include appliances. After all, no student wants to buy a fridge or a microwave just for a few years. Having a supermarket or a grocery store nearby is also a big consideration, as more people have started to eat healthily and enjoy home-cooked meals. Also, many tenants feel that property without an ensuite bathroom is a deal-breaker.

Now, most tenants are only looking at properties with ensuites. While people are looking for secluded homes with gardens and balconies in the suburbs, they also want places that have good transportation links. Finally, most tenants want to live in a place that looks open, bright and happy.

If you’re looking for a property to rent in Sittingbourne, get in touch with an estate agent who can help you find the perfect property.

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