All through the last few centuries, famous artists have been your friends as muses for their artistic expression. Even in the beginning when man first started to make portraits of things and started drawing on the walls of caves, they started taking pictures of animals. Even now people are willing to pay a handsome load of money to create pictures of their dearly loved pets. So why do they want to create paintings of dog's portrait?

Here are five very important reasons that people have their dog canvas painting done:

Memorialize the pet dogs:

pet dogs

One of the main reasons that people try to get dog canvas paintings done of their pet dogs is because they want to celebrate the memory of their dogs. Dogs are after all man's very best friend. You like to be reminded of the dog's especially if they are no longer with you. Despite the presence of digital photography, owners still prefer the large blown-up picture of their best friends done to commemorate the memory of their loyal friends.

Create a point of interest in one's homes:

Paintings and portraits have long been used to study psychology and personality of the subject as well as the artist. When you have a dog's portrait painting hung in your home it becomes a part of your living space and a talking point amount your guests. On a night when you have new friends coming over and you lose out on topics to talk about, just start a conversation about your loving faithful pet.

Help raise awareness and support a cause:

If you love dogs and are very passionate about spreading awareness about animal cruelty and would like to support sheltered animals, get your dog's portrait painted to help with your cause. There might be far too many owners in your areas as passionate about being cruelty-free as you, and might be interested in the same cause. Involving them to also start getting their dogs' canvas painting will help raise awareness and support the same cause.

Tell a story:

Not only does one make dogs painting to memorialize the memories of the time spent with their pet dogs, but even to be able to tell a story. You can look through all the photos of your pup and all the memories that you have with your pup, and come up with quirky little odd photos that could tell a story and would make an interesting piece of art in your homes.

Capturing your dog's wonderful personality:

Dogs do not have the ability to sit for a long while to get their photos made. So then artists take a picture of your pet and get the right to capturing the personality and emotions of your cute little pet dog so that their presence is ever alive every time someone looks at the image of your dog.

These are just a few reasons to get your dog's portrait painting made and placed. Your pet will be memorialized like no other and not only will you enjoy the attention that your pet gets, there will be so many stories for you to share and you are always going to find a topic to speak about when guests arrive.

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