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author-img By Ankita Tripathy 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Does Amazon Hire Felons

Does Amazon hire felons? Is this something that you are searching for the answer to? If yes, then this article is going to be of great help to you!

Felons are those people who have a history of a criminal record in their names. While most of the places in the employment sector do not prefer hiring them, a lot of people want to know whether Amazon is a place where they can start afresh!

Keep reading this blog till the end to learn more about the same…

Answering The Question, “Does Amazon Hire Felons?”

In case you are someone who has been convicted before and has a felony record, it can be difficult for you to move on with your life. This is because most of the companies automatically reject the job applications of people who have been convicted before.

However, does that mean that you will not try anywhere? Absolutely not! Even if there are companies that reject felons, there are a number of major companies that accept them and give them a chance to start afresh!

Hire Felons

First things first, if you want to know whether Amazon hires felons, the answer is yes. Amazon does hire felons or people with criminal records. However, it is not as simple as it may sound. There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind while applying for Amazon in case you are a felon.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that you need to consider before applying for a job at amazon…

What Record Can Make It Difficult To Get A Job?

The most important thing that you need to know about being a felon and applying to work at Amazon is regarding what are the criminal records that can make it difficult for you to land a job here!

Difficult To Get A Job

If you are a felon with a record of some of these, then you have a very small chance of getting hired at Amazon:

However, if you are someone who wants to start afresh in their life, having these records should not stop you from applying at Amazon. And who knows, you might just get lucky. Considering the fact that there are a number of posts open at Amazon that need a lot of workforce across several sectors, they might even give you a chance. So stay positive and do not lose hope!

Duration Of Conviction

There is yet another thing that can influence the chance of you getting selected at Amazon, and that is the time or duration for which you were convicted. To keep it simple, the longer duration of getting convicted implies how grave the felony might have been.

The application form at Amazon clearly asked questions about how long you were convicted. They also ask you whether you were convicted in the past seven years (7 years) or not. If your record is more than seven years old, then there is no reason for you to stay nervous.

Duration Of Conviction

The reason? Well, this is because the company will not know about your felony records as it only keeps account of the past seven years. However, this particular area is subject to change. Therefore, it depends entirely on the company and the state or country.

What Jobs Do Felons Get At Amazon?

Now that you know the answer to “does amazon hire felons,” there is something else that you might want to ask. The next important thing that you must know about is the kind of jobs that will be available for you at Amazon. Well, if that is what you are searching for, I have the answer for you!

There are a variety of jobs that are available at Amazon for people with criminal records. They can work at the warehouse or even as package handlers. In case you have a clean driving record, you will also be able to get recruited as a delivery person.

However, there is something that you must keep in mind. The type of job that you get hired for depends a lot on your past record and work experience. While hiring a felon, Amazon keeps in mind the kind of job experience the person has. The company tried to make the new position as much similar to their previous work experience.

Does Amazon Warehouse Hire Felons?

Another thing that most people want to know about is whether or not Amazon warehouses hire felons. The answer is yes. Felons can also apply to work at the Amazon warehouse.

Amazon Warehouse

In case you are searching for the job requirements that you need to work at the warehouse, I have got you covered! Take a look at these things:

  • Physical fitness
  • Communication skill
  • Ability to read and write in English
  • Ability to ascend and descend the stairs several times a day
  • Willingness to work
  • Ability to lift heavy objects
  • Have a school certificate
  • Be at least eighteen years of age.

What Other Companies Hire Felons?

Found the answer for “does Amazon hire felons?” there is something else that you need to take a look at!

In case you have applied at Amazon and have not been selected there for your record, there is no need for you to lose hope. There are a number of other major companies across the world that also accept felons and offer them jobs. 

Companies Hire

Check out these major companies that hire felons:

Wrapping It Up!

Felons are those people who have committed a felony. They are the ones who have had criminal records in their name and were convicted of a crime. While there are a number of felons who try to start anew and search for jobs, it can be difficult for them to try. A lot of the companies do not hire felons simply because of their criminal record.

In case you want to know the answer to whether Amazon hires felons, the answer is yes. You can apply for a post at Amazon even if you have a criminal record.

In case you were searching for the answer to “does amazon hire felons,” I hope that this blog has provided you with most of the answers. Let me know how you feel about this article. If there are any other queries, feel free to scroll down and ask me in the comment section below!

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