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Digital Public Relations For B2B Businesses: What You Need To Know

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read April 9, 2021

Digital Public Relations For B2B Businesses

In the past few years, I have spoken to numerous heads at B2B businesses and all of them seem to have the same grouse. The digital does not work for them in the same way it does for their B2C counterparts.

I have spent the last few years researching and executing digital strategies that deliver proven and verified results for B2B businesses. One area where a lot of studies have not been done is the benefit of digital pr for B2B businesses.

I have used my experience of over ten years to come up with the best Digital PR strategies that can help B2B businesses-

  1. Drive Sales and Generate Revenues
  2. Create Awareness in Targeted Groups
  3. Build Loyalty and Credibility
  4. Establish long-term Relationships

In this article, we are going to discuss some important aspects of Digital PR for B2B businesses. If you are the owner or a marketing head of a B2B business, I suggest you read it till the end of the article.

Why Digital PR works for B2B Companies: An Analysis

One thing is clear. As compared to the multiple platforms, strategies, and tools that are an option for B2C companies, the same does not hold much value for B2B companies.

However, Digital PR needs to be tweaked accordingly to serve its purpose.

B2B companies have a set of expectations that govern their marketing and sales. For example, they are always looking at-

  • Long-term professional and business relationships
  • They want to restrict their reach and appeal to specific circles
  • Investments need to be kept at a minimum and the focus should be on production
  • Business owners need to be positioned as leaders and authority figures

In a nutshell, if done right, Digital PR can help achieve all the above-stated four points. However, the same cannot be done through B2C Digital PR strategies.

List of Five Digital PR Strategies that work for B2B Businesses:

1. Webinars with the Leadership-

From a B2B perspective, you do not want anyone and everyone to engage with you. On the contrary, you want to be present and showcase your expertise in a small circle of targeted businesses that can buy from you. Online webinars on the platforms of reputed bloggers and experts can be a great way in publicizing what your company is all about.

2. Engagement with Business Associations-

Most business organizations are very active, no matter what niche you are talking about. The key is to engage with their members in a meaningful fashion. This is where Digital PR comes in handy. It allows a B2B business to present itself in front of Business Associations whose members become potential customers. Presentations, releases, and interviews are some ways.

3. Case Studies and White Papers-

There is a reason why Case Studies and White Papers are popular in B2B businesses. You see vendors that are likely to partner with you want to have access to complete information and data at all times. They do thorough research before forging long-term business relationships. A Digital PR company can help in creating White Papers and Case Studies and present them.

4. Trade Shows and Physical Events-

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a Digital PR company cannot handle physical events. What they are so skilled at is taking the physical event and amplifying it across digital platforms and touchpoints. Events continue to be a major awareness and publicity drive for B2B businesses.

However, working with a Digital PR company can help quantify results dramatically.

5. Getting Positive Stories and CSR out into the World-

A small example- ‘Tech Giant XYZ Has Released A Cutting-Edge Software’. Or, ‘Tech Giant XYZ Has Released A Cutting-Edge Software To Help Businesses With Recycling’. I am sure you are going to say that the second headline will make much more of an impact. It is true. The function of Digital PR is to create a positive narrative around your B2B business.

The Bottom Line:

Digital PR works for B2B businesses. The challenge is to get the right Digital PR Firm to partner with. If you are successful in finding them out, you will have no trouble taking your B2B business to new heights.

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