Need some help with developing your business? Hire a virtual assistant! This article explores five ways in which working with a VA leads to business development.

All businesses strive to keep on growing and become more popular, attract more clients, and sell more. The story is probably no different for your business too. But, when you already have too much on your plate, you probably don't have the time and resources to prioritize business development. So, you find yourself at a point where you don't seem to grow.

This is where virtual assistants shine.

As the experts from Virtalent explain, "Working with a virtual assistant can help you find the pain points of your business that prevent it from growing and fix them, whether the problem is time, sufficient money, great skills, or a fresh vision."

Keep reading below to learn more about what VAs are and what they do! Later we'll discuss the five ways in which hiring one will help your business develop.

 What is a virtual assistant?

 What is a virtual assistant?

First of all, let's make sure that you know what a VA is and what type of tasks it does.

You're likely tempted to think of Alexa and Siri when you think of a virtual assistant. But, the VA we're talking about isn't an AI-driven assistant, although virtual personal assistants are very intelligent professionals.

VAs are independent contractors that you can hire on a task-based. They are not regular in-house employees but rather an independent professional who can work for your business and help you with specific tasks.

Speaking of tasks, learn that virtual assistants are very tech-savvy professionals. They can perform all sorts of tasks for businesses that hire them, from calendar management to travel planning, data entry, customer service, client relationship management, marketing, content writing, web design, and even some basic coding.

5 ways working with a VA leads to business development

5 ways working with a VA leads to business development

Now you know what a virtual assistant is and what it can do. It is time to learn why hiring one would help your business develop. Here are five ways in which a VA can help you and support your business's growth.

1. More time to focus on essential business tasks

As a business owner, you likely already have dozens of things on your plate and very little time to do everything. This can be both tiring and counterproductive because it can really affect your efficiency. So, thinking about new ways to grow your business is likely the last thing you get time for. But, truth be told, it should be your no. 1 priority.

So, when you don't have enough time to make essential business decisions and tasks that lead to business growth, a VA can help. By delegating non-essential tasks to your virtual assistant, you get more time to focus on more essential business matters.

For example, you'll no longer spend time answering emails all day long but rather meet the right people to develop a new product or service.

2. They can level up your website

A business website is a crucial asset. It is perhaps the most vital tool related to its online presence. Plus, in case you didn't know, find out that 94% of customers' first impressions are related to a website's design.

Yet, while crucial, website maintenance and improvement is a time-consuming task. Not to mention that you need at least some basic tech skills to know how to do it. So, if you lack the time and skills to level up your website, leave it to a skilled virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant can improve your website's design, write compelling content, and even fix some basic technical issues that may affect your visitors' experiences.

3. A VA saves your business money and time

Do you have an idea of how much time and money your business spends on hiring a new in-house employee? We're going to make a guess here: a lot of these resources. Now, the problem is that both of these resources can help your business develop if you redirect them to more essential tasks rather than on a recruiting and hiring process.

Now, as mentioned above, VAs are independent contractors. They are not in-house employees. So, your business does not commit a full-time monthly salary or employee benefits like paid leave or medical insurance. Plus, you save a lot of time on looking for specific skills because VAs have a complete skill set.

4. Your business gets a complete skillset

Speaking of skills, another great benefit that your business gets when working with a virtual assistant is related to hiring a professional with a complete skill set. A business requires all sorts of tasks and processes to be taken care of. And, these tasks require different skills and expertise. So, this means that you'd have to hire an in-house employee for every task that needs to be performed.

Or, you can hire a VA and enjoy the benefits of working with a person who knows both how to keep your agenda clutter-free and redesign your website while also managing your client relationships. Again, your business saves money, time, and benefits from the help of a skilled professional with expertise in various fields.

5. A VA keeps your customers loyal

No business can aim for growth if it has no customers. Without paying customers, your business wouldn't be able to even survive on the market. So, client relationship management is, although time-consuming, a crucial task.

A virtual assistant will also manage your business's relationships with its loyal clients. Your VA will take customers' calls, send them emails, and even send corporate gifts to show your business's appreciation to your paying clients.

Needless to say, happy customers come back to buy more, and they are also the best brand advocates your business can get. They are the ones who will give your business excellent online reviews and recommend your products/ services to their peers. This certainly leads to business growth.

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