Many people are skeptical about putting up their products on B2B marketplace because they are not sure if they can get any sales. It is hard to get buyers when you are new in the marketplace, but it requires that you have patience until you get your first customer. It is true that there are many buyers on the internet looking for used machinery and the problem can be how to make sure that the buyer finds your products easily. There are certain things that you might want to start doing to make yourself discoverable even faster in a B2B marketplace.

1. Be different from your competitors:

In a B2B marketplace, many sellers are selling ranked in the same category that sells similar products. More often than not, your products will drown in all the noise, and nobody will discover your page. One way you can ensure you stand out from the rest of your competitor is to make sure you offer as much detail about the used machinery as possible. Don’t give generalized details only because a buyer is looking for something they can use. Provide clear photos from all angles, detailed description, what the machine comes with like manuals, proof of ownership and so on, multiple contact information, etc. You also have to be available to answer buyers’ questions if they are interested in your machinery. Nothing puts a buyer off than a non-responsive seller.

2. Offer the best price you can:

This is another major way in which you can stand out from your competitors. Unfortunately, most buyers are interested in cheap products first before they worry about the quality. If you as a seller can offer a competitive price and quality product, then you are guaranteed a return customer and some free advertisement in terms of social media mention, five-star review or a positive comment along with the ratings. You will have to be aware of the prices your competition is offering so as not to underprice your product. If there is something as a seller that you can do to make the price even lower, it can be a big help to stand out from other sellers selling the same products.

3. Choose products that are in demand:

If you are selling used machinery you already own, there is nothing you can do but do the best with what you have. However, if you are in the business of buying and reselling used machinery, you will have to do extensive market research so that you start selling products people want with little or no competition. It is important to note that there are very few items that have both elements and it would require thorough research to know what they are. Once you have settled on a product you are willing to start with, buy a few pieces to test the water. If they sell well, learn the patterns of sales, and you will then decide to add more inventory. Otherwise, you will need to change the product. This will not be a wise strategy if you want to venture into used industrial machinery. For bigger machinery, you will need to sell in a niche B2B marketplace that buyers know what they are looking for.

4. Start a campaign online:

The one thing that all online entrepreneurs are told that works are to ensure they have people interested in their products in an email list. This is possible if one has a blog or is running their own B2B marketplace. With such people in your email list, you can do campaigns that would encourage people to buy from you. If that sounds a little bit hard, you can just pay for an advertisement with the campaign details on different social media sites.

5. Get professional help:

If you have the money and don’t wish to be bothered with the marketing aspect of the business, you can hire marketing consultants that will look at your business model and device a strategy that works well for your business. You will also have to hire people that can handle inventory, bookkeeping, and listings for you. Delegation frees you up to keep looking for quality used machinery to sell.

B2B marketing platform has helped many used machinery sellers make some income and buyers get cheap, good quality products conveniently. Consider looking through our B2B blog about the Industry to get more information about the buying and selling used machinery.

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