Necklaces complete an outfit, giving off this certain sparkle around your neck that would for sure be eye-catching during events or even as you walk into a room, which is why diamond pendants have been surfacing and people have been purchasing. There are a ton of diamond pendants ideas in Southlake, TX that you could choose from.

Sizes and Shape of the diamond pendant in Southlake

Sizes and Shape of the diamond pendant in Southlake

1. Cushion-cut

The cushion-cut diamond is cut in a way that the angles would be able to flash colored lights and it would have to be one of the oldest diamond cuts. People from Southlake are very familiar with this cut. When it comes to the price of this cut, they are 25 percent to 42 percent cheaper than round-cut diamonds.

2. Oval-cut

The oval-cut diamond has an elongated shape and it is a popular choice for east-west settings. They have about 8 percent of a larger face-up area and they are 10 percent to 30 percent cheaper than the round-cut diamond.

3. Round-cut

Round-cut diamonds produce the most sparkles because of the shape of the diamond, the brilliance, and the dispersion on the diamond itself, and the sparkle of the diamond would appear much bigger because of the intensity of the sparkle of the diamond.

4. Princess-cut

The princess-cut diamond, compared to the round-cut diamond, has one of the most brilliance in the shape of the diamond. It has a smaller face-up size but because they have a long diagonal measurement, it would make the diamond itself appear so much larger.

5. Emerald-cut

The emerald-cut diamond has an elongated shape, giving it a different kind of sparkle because of the brilliance and the cut the diamond has, giving off the hall of mirrors effect.

Trending styles of the diamond pendant in Southlake this 2022

Trending styles of the diamond pendant in Southlake this 2022

1. Diamond cross pendant

The diamond cross pendant has now become a fashion symbol all around the globe as it was once used only by Christians. Since most of the population in Southlake is predominantly Christian, this style of pendant is very popular.

It has this pendant that is then enhanced by more sparkling diamonds that are made into these strategic patterns that make the pendants spark more, adding more sophistication to the beautiful piece of jewelry.

If you want to flaunt your diamond cross pendant around your neck, you could wear an open-collared shirt.

2. Three-stone diamond pendant

The three-stone diamond pendant style has a center stone and two other jewels on either side of it, representing the past, present, and future of a relationship, which is why it is another perfect gift for your significant other that has an amazing symbolism and visual aesthetic.

3. Diamond solitaire pendant

The diamond solitaire pendant has this classy and subtle look as you showcase one diamond, the solitaire pendant.

The diamond solitaire pendant could easily be overpowered by your outfit because it’s not the biggest in size so you could pair this with 2 other necklaces that are longer so that all of the attention could be drawn to your neck.

4. Diamond halo pendant

The diamond halo pendant has this luxurious look as it has this large stone in the center that is then encircled by one or more rows of smaller diamonds that are placed closely together that gives off this brilliant halo around the center stone of your beautiful necklace.

It could effectively add this elegant touch to your outfit as you pair this item of jewelry with a delicate pair of diamond stud earrings to avoid a cluttered look.

5. Diamond infinity pendant

The infinity diamond pendant has this particular horizontal 8 style that is studded with numerous small glittering diamonds. It’s a common sign that is associated with everlasting love, symbolizing something that would never end, making it a perfect gift to give to someone that is incredibly special to you.

When you wear this pendant, you have to make sure that you are wearing solid colors instead of patterned clothing because the piece of clothing would then outshine the beauty of your pendant’s design.

A diamond pendant is an amazing plus to an already amazon outfit, adding a pop of something and more style, depending on the type of event that you are going to, may it be a casual day-to-day activity or an extravagant party. It would for sure be eye-catching and head-turning.

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