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Demystify these myths before saying no to hiring managers

author-img By Ayda 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

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Being grouped among a few of the simplest investment options, the real estate sector captivates newcomers to try their luck. As it doesn’t require hiring resources and setting up an office, novices mistakenly assume that they can handle it on their own.

Whether a unit is purchased for reselling or renting, as a homeowner you will have to tackle a lot of things from essential upgrades to regular maintenance and completing legal paperwork. Property management is overwhelming. However, these stressful conditions can be avoided by hiring a reliable property manager.

When it comes to hiring a property manager, believing in misconceptions is natural. As it involves paying a fee for the services, you may make this an additional expense. This reluctance is because of the delusions you have heard about them. It’s time to stop believing in the rumors like hiring someone else to oversee your investment property is costly and complicate things.

One property management company in Dubai really helped us in this article. Here I am discussing the most common myths, which are stopping fresh property investors to hire these professional property managers.

Myth1-They are costly 

Assuming them extremely expensive is not less than a misconception. They charge nominal amounts only if your rental unit is occupied. If rental is vacant, you will not be paying any service fee. In fact, a good property manager keeps tenants happy with regular maintenance and resolving their complaints always on time.

Being familiar with the local rental market, they can suggest you the best rent rate or selling price for the particular asset. Besides this, they have an extensive network in the industry, which allows them to advertise the property to drag renters and buyers quickly. Do you still think they are expensive?

Myth2-They won’t take care of the client’s assets

It seems logical to believe in this fallacy. As they don’t own a unit, how could they take care of it like an owner? I know it’s difficult for you to trust that they can understand your personal interests and look after your rental honestly. A reputable manager tries his best to understand client expectations and deliver quality services. They know if they don’t work with integrity, they will lose a valuable client.

Professional asset managers don’t want to collect negative feedback from their clients. They are here to serve those who need them.  This is why they make purposeful efforts to satisfy their clients.

Myth3-They are not essentially

I am the owner of this rental unit and I can look after this as my personal home. You can surely do that if you are taking it as a fulltime job. Otherwise, you will be disturbing your work-life balance. In contrast to that working with a reliable professional is the best way to manage investment assets effortlessly. Whether it’s communicating with a handyman or lawyer, a property manager takes care of everything. This significantly reduces stress after making the process hassle-free.

Myth4-They are too busy to oversee every single unit

Asset managers are very busy. As they are tacking numerous clients and their assets at a time, you may think they can neglect your property. You are right in your place, as you have invested a significant amount to purchase that property. It’s difficult for you to trust the third party to feel the same for it. This is true they don’t feel the same for it, but they take care of the investment units of their clients. You can rely on as they have chosen this profession to offer reliable services to help everyone from landlords and tenants to sellers and buyers. It’s their responsibility to oversee every single unit for which they are being hired.

Myth5-They are only interested in properties located in the city center

If you are not contacting with a renowned vendor just because you own a single-family home in a lesser-known suburb, then you are actually limiting your exposure to good offers. Good service providers work for their clients without making discriminations on the basis of unit size and location. They often have area offices to support their clients across the city.


Working with a reliable property management company ensures complete peace of mind. All you need is to stop believing these myths, which might be stopping you hire a reliable manager.

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