Are you planning an outdoor party in the near future? If so, there are some important decisions you need to make, like what kind of tent to use as your party tent and how many people it will be able to fit comfortably.

Luckily, there are some providers who have great options for outdoor tents, both frame, and pole tents, that have been designed to help you pass the best possible time outdoors during summer.

You’ve invited all your friends, set up the food, and now you’re just waiting for them to show up and have fun with you! If you’re like many people, you want to make sure the party goes off without a hitch — but if it rains (or worse, snows!) during your outdoor party, that could ruin everything.

Fortunately, there’s no need to worry! One of the best ways to keep your party safe from inclement weather is by getting yourself an outdoor party tent.

Things You Should Consider When Buying A Party Tent

Buying A Party Tent

Keep in mind that it might be wise to buy larger tents than you think you need—and here are some reasons why.

While there are options available for smaller parties, if you’re looking for something more formal, such as a canopy tent or garden wedding tent for your reception venue, you want space for dancing and serving food and drinks undercover.

1. Budget

Remember that you get what you pay for, so make sure you don’t spend more than you need to. If you shop smartly and keep your budget in check, there are plenty of great options. You can shop 10x20 frame tent (which is not so big) or the huge one like a 30x60 frame tent. It always correlates to the guest quantity. Do your research before buying anything—you want to know exactly what you’re getting before you commit.

2. Location

If you’re planning on throwing your party at home, make sure that you have plenty of room and clear directions to your yard. If you’ll be hosting at someone else’s place, remember that it might not be obvious where parking is or which doors are best for bringing in supplies and guests. Organize your details ahead of time so that when it comes time for your event, it will run as smoothly as possible.

3. Size

The number of people you expect at your event will determine what size tent you need. If you’re not sure, consider that tents usually run 20 square feet per person. For example, if you want to seat 50 people at your outdoor event, plan on renting or buying a 10 x 20-foot frame tent. It will give your guests enough room to move around comfortably and let them mingle before and after dinner.

4. Do You Have Access To A Vehicle For Set-Up And Take-Down?

If you’re planning an event that’s going to take place outdoors, such as a festival or concert, chances are you won’t have access to help from people who will be coming and going from your location all day.

In these situations, it’s crucial that you have access to your own vehicle for set-up and take-down. If possible, find a model that packs down easily and is easy enough for one person to carry.

5. Weather Conditions

One of the first things you should consider when choosing your tent is what kind of weather you’ll be throwing your event in. If there’s any chance of rain, it’s essential that you buy a waterproof tent.

Rain can wreak havoc on some tents and if your guests are getting wet, no amount of mint juleps will ease their wet bottoms. And while most tents are designed to withstand wind, it’s still important to make sure they have tie-down points so they don’t fly away with all your valuables inside.

Types Of Tents

Types Of Tents

There are several different types of tents available for purchase. The most common include pole tents, frame tents, and pop-up tents. The latter is made of fabric but they don’t require you to use wooden or metal poles to support them.

This type is considered easier to set up than regular tents. In addition, it doesn’t take long at all for them to be assembled or taken down once you’ve finished your get-together.

Pop-ups also tend to be lighter in weight as compared to other models. They usually weigh less than 10 pounds, so one person can easily carry them around without too much effort.

However, these types of tents are not as durable as other options. You’ll have to take good care of them if you want them to last a while before they start showing signs of wear and tear.

There Are Several Sizes Of Frame Tents Available; Here Are Some Of Our Favorites:

Shop 15x30 frame tent: This is one of our most popular frame tents because it can be used for just about any occasion. It’s large enough to hold up to 75 people standing or 50 seated comfortably, so it works well for weddings and birthday parties alike.

20x40 frame tent:

Our 20x40 frame tent is perfect if you have a larger event on your hands—say, if you need extra space for a trade show or outdoor festival. It can hold up to 100 people standing or 80 seated comfortably, so it’s great for large parties and small conventions alike.

30x60 frame tent:

If you’re planning an especially big bash (think festivals and fairs), our 30x60 frame tent might be just what you need. It can hold up to 200 people standing or 150 seated comfortably, so it’s ideal for weddings and corporate events alike.


Party tents have a wide variety of styles and colors, and choosing between them can be quite daunting. No matter what size you need, there are so many factors to consider, not least of which is appearance.

To help you out, we've outlined some key factors that make one better than another in different situations. Ultimately, your choice will depend on your needs as well as your preferences.

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