In the age of social media dominance, is blogging still relevant? When used as a marketing technique, a smart blogger outreach campaign means posting high-quality content in reputable blogs to gain exposure.

It’s an authentic way to promote a brand and leverage the influence of a well-established blog.

What blogging does is inform a potential consumer about the products and services of a company – by answering their questions in an article.

For many businesses, blogger outreach services provided by experts like Ocere are a powerful marketing tool.

Partnering with the right bloggers in your niche increases confidence and builds the reputation of your brand. What social media does in terms of reach, blogging supports by targeting your intended audience. In line with that, here’s our take on blogger outreach best practices for 2021.

Begin By Reaching Out To A Small Number Of Expert Bloggers-

Begin by reaching out to a small number of expert bloggers-

 In blogger outreach, quality matters over quantity.

For best results, you need to choose blogs that relate to your niche. You can begin by reaching out to bloggers that you already follow.

Since you’re already familiar with their content, it’s easier to create a pitch that the blogger will accept. But before contacting a blogger, you need to specify your goals for conducting blogger outreach.

Are you more interested in getting high-quality backlinks? Or, do you want the post to gain more shares on social media channels?

If you want a more efficient way to look for bloggers, there are tools you can use. These tools are useful for finding blogs that relate to your business sector. Also, you can rely on these resources to search for top-ranking sites that will help you achieve your goals.

Make Your Pitch Highly Targeted:

 It’s an obvious best practice to ensure that you’re pitching content relevant to the blog. You need to ensure that your content matches the quality of the articles on the site.

If you plan on working with a blogger within a highly specialized niche, you need to take into consideration their style and content preference.

Also, experts recommend that it’s best to begin by choosing a blog and then strategize on the type of content you can produce later. If you can, have an outline ready so that the blogger can see how your pitch fits into the picture.

Make The Blogger See The Potential And Value Of Partnering With Your Business:

 There are several ways you can make an outreach strategy worth the blogger’s while.

  • If you want to partner with an expert blogger, it would help if your post already links to their site. However, don’t demand the blogger shares your content on social media in return for linking their content.
  • If you’re interested in guest posting, make the process easy for the blogger. Eliminate any possible source of friction, especially when pitching article content and topics. Make it a point to write high-quality, useful articles that relate well to the blogger's content. You need consistency, especially since these bloggers also need to focus on producing their content while overseeing the posts submitted by affiliate sites.
  • Promote the mutual benefit of partnering with your business. Bloggers can also benefit from an outreach program, especially if they already have a good following. Make this a selling point when promoting a blogger outreach partnership.

In conclusion, a smart blogger outreach campaign should be a win-win situation for both you and the blogger. By outlining your goals, choosing the right blogs, and preparing a good pitch, you can partner with the best blogs within your niche. Focusing on these best practices should be a starting point for establishing a marketing strategy that works best for your needs.

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