Minecraft Bedrock Has Launched On Chromebooks With Update; Get Your Deets!

author-img By Ankita Tripathy 5 Mins Read June 8, 2023

Minecraft Bedrock Has Launched On Chromebooks

Google declared on Wednesday that the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft is now accessible on Chromebooks, following the release of an early access version in March. The game is now even more accessible thanks to the official Chromebook release, and with to built-in cross-platform play, you can play with your friends on other platforms.

The game is currently available on the Play Store for ChromeOS. If you currently own the Android version, you can upgrade to the Chromebook version for $13 instead of paying the bundle price of $19.99.

In the official blog post of Google, the company said that Minecraft lovers can now natively play the game on Chromebooks. This is what it stated:

“You can now purchase Minecraft: Bedrock Edition from the Google Play Store on Chromebook, which includes access to Minecraft Marketplace, and the ability to play on Realms. Minecraft is now available on compatible Chromebooks, including all Chromebooks launched in the last three years. For the smoothest gameplay experience, check the recommended device specifications linked on the Minecraft website.”

The new Trails and Tales update, which was also released on Wednesday, is available in the version of Minecraft that works on Chromebooks. A cherry grove biome and the ability to ride a camel are just two of the many new features that the update introduces to the game. Google claims that all Chromebooks published “in the last three years” will function with Minecraft on Chromebooks, and a Minecraft help web page lists the minimum and recommended system requirements.

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