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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Cloud Migration?

author-img By Arnab Dey 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

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Cloud migration is the entire process of moving all your company documents, files, and data over to a cloud computing platform. You can move from an onsite system to the cloud as well as between cloud service providers.

It is a process that many businesses are wary of and as the technician mentions migration to the cloud, a form of brain fog is often the result.

This article looks at the simple to understand pros and cons of the migration to the cloud, trying to simplify and explain this process and the issues generally encountered therein.

The Advantages Of Moving To The Cloud

Cloud Migration Strategies
  • Access from wherever your employee team needs to access the company data and software systems. No matter what happens to the physical machinery, all your company data will still be accessible in the cloud. This provides for a much more flexible office and business arrangement and suits the current new ways of working.
  • Improved security. Cloud edge security and multi-factor authentication systems have proven to be far more secure than local network security protocols. There is a type of shared responsibility for cloud security and as you access and use data then the responsibility for its safety shifts to the user from those who have been responsible for its storage and transfer.
  • Flexibility and agility are ensured. Having your company data and processes in the cloud allows for greater flexibility in the sense that you can grow or downsize as you need to. Capacity is never an issue in the cloud, and you can go as big, or small as your business needs demand.
  • Costs are reduced. A movement to the cloud will help the business to reduce costs while you perfect processes and systems.

The Disadvantages Of Cloud Migration

Pros Cons Of Cloud Migration
  • The service provider or IT technician may not be well versed with the office storage setup and migrate things over incorrectly. This can result in loss of data, or incorrect data being migrated to the cloud. This has been one of the main concerns or issues around cloud migration and can be solved with clear communication throughout the process.
  • Unexpected glitches in the migration process. It is a technical process and generally will flow smoothly, but on occasion, there have been glitches and delays associated with the type of data or the current storage set-up and file configuration.
  • Time-consuming. This has long been regarded as one of the downsides of migration and it had to be scheduled over the weekend or in some other quiet time. There have however been so many technical improvements from companies like https://duplocloud.com/solutions/cloud-migration/, that they have managed to increase migration speeds, showing that this disadvantage, like so many others, can be overcome.

Being able to understand what cloud migration is and how it will affect your business should be the first step in this process.

This article has provided a brief insight into the type of cloud migration there is and provided some food for thought as to why your business would consider this as an option.

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