There are many ways to gauge the success of your website. Many Internet experts will tell you that improved search page rankings and increased traffic to your website means that your website is doing well. While they may not be entirely wrong in their assessment, most neglect the importance of user engagement. It is no longer enough to bring traffic to a webpage. If you think that your brand will be easily identifiable by a single visit to your site, you cannot be farther removed from reality. Most of the traffic that comes to a webpage is through casual visitors who wouldn’t remember anything about your website after they left it. Your aim should thus be to turn these visitors into regular users who know why they are visiting your site and do so because they enjoy what you offer them. One of the smartest ways to do so is by integrating polls that are sure-shot means of improving user engagement.

While there can be numerous ways to improve the time a user spends on your webpage, polls are considered effective because they are interesting and engaging. Most often an average user spends merely a few seconds on a webpage and it is totally upon you how you utilize these precious seconds and use them to your benefit. By conducting polls not only do you keep the user engaged but also grab more eyeballs. You can no longer be satisfied with static content on your site, especially when you want to improve user engagement.

Create Eye-Catching Polls Using Poll Maker:

It may seem a daunting task to create and run a poll. After all not many years ago creating a dynamic page meant spending hours coding. But thankfully things have changed for the better today. All you need is a poll maker that can help you create a dynamic page in a few minutes. If your content is ready, the rest will be done automatically. There are a few simple steps that you need to follow to publish your poll on your webpage.

  • Go to the pre-built templates page to choose a template that best suits your poll
  • Enter the questions through the poll creation form
  • Automatically generate code that will help publish the poll
  • Finally, see the poll go live on your page

Advantages of Using Polls to Boost User Engagement:

  • Improves User Interaction – Polls attract more users as there is more opportunity for them to do something on your page rather than simply reading through content. When you have a poll running on your landing page, it immediately catches users’ attention.
  • Turns Visitors to Users – Polls do the job of retaining users quite effectively. They not only turn casual visitors to regular users but polls also ensure that the users are constantly interested in your site.
  • Boosts Traffic – It almost goes without saying that one of the best means of increasing traffic to your website is by conducting polls.

Polls have the ability to engage users in ways that very few other tools can. They are extremely easy to create and update.

Eric Jones is a seasoned marketer who has effectively used interactive content such as polls, quizzes, and surveys to promote brands and increase interaction between customers and businesses. He has been pursuing tailored campaigns that are targeted towards improving brand recognition, engagement, and sales. As an active blogger, he continuously writes about the use of new digital marketing techniques.

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