Have you ever used a vacuum to clean your house and wondered how it works?

Since 1901, people across the United States have used the vacuum on the carpets, rugs, and flooring surfaces of their homes. The vacuum is so popular in America that it is an industry with annual revenues of almost $4.2 billion.

But many users do not have any idea how it works and the technology behind this machine.

Read on to learn more about vacuum pumps, including how they work and the different types of these unique tools!

How Does It Work?

A vacuum pump is an important system used in both industrial and residential settings.

At the heart of the operation, a vacuum pump uses the vacuum feature to intake air and create a suction function. It does this by compressing air that passes through an entry point.

Once the air enters this orifice, the air velocity is increased. This causes the air outside to be sucked in and creates the suction function that's well-known in tools like the household vacuum.

Types of Vacuum Pump Applications:

Now that you understand the basics of how a vacuum pump works, it's time to learn about vacuum pump types. Some of the most common types are:

Positive Displacement:

Positive displacement vacuum pumps are often used to create low vacuum pressure.

This is accomplished by triggering a mechanism that expands a cavity repeatedly to help gas flow into the pump from an outside chamber.

The cavity in a positive displacement Gast vacuum pump, for example, is then sealed off, and the gases from the pump get released into the air.


An entrapment vacuum pump comes in a few different forms, including the ion pump and cryopump.

An ion pump makes use of an electrical field to ionize gases and turn them into a solid. This is accomplished through a moderate vacuum pressure when compared to other types of pumps.

A cryopump traps gases in a solid or absorbed state at a cold temperature.

Momentum Transfer:

A momentum transfer vacuum pump is unique because it creates high vacuums through high-speed jets.

Fluid is pumped through high-speed jets and moves gas molecules to the outside of a chamber. From there, it is sealed off to create a high vacuum.

A momentum transfer vacuum pump is also commonly referred to as a molecular pump.

Finding the best vacuum pump for you means taking time to consider what you need to do with the vacuum.

Wrapping Up: Using Vacuum Pumps:

A vacuum pump is an important tool that's used in different settings each and every day.

But its most popular application for many people is in the household vacuum. Using vacuum pumps in this manner helps people clean up large areas more efficiently.

That's because the suction created in a vacuum by the pump allows its user to cover large spaces with less effort.

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