Car repairs can be inconvenient, especially when you find out that you need one right before you’re leaving for work. You must find a repair shop that provides excellent service to minimize the stress and hassle that the unfortunate situation entails. You must know how to choose a good auto repair service shop.

If you’re living in Canandaigua, NY, you should make sure that you have a go-to mechanic or shop during this type of emergency. Several companies, like, can provide you with comprehensive repair services for the different parts of your vehicle, like the cooling system, oil filter, brakes, and engine.

Here are a few tips on how to choose a good auto repair service shop in Canandaigua, NY, or anywhere else in the world:

Tips To Choose A Good Canandaigua NY Auto Repair Service:

1. Find a Mechanic Before an Emergency Strikes


As soon as you bring home your first car from the dealership, you must also contact a mechanic or repair shop. Automobiles require regular tune-ups and upkeep, so you should have a place where you can send in your vehicle for maintenance.

It makes sense that you prevent significant problems from developing rather than addressing the issue once it’s already there. Taking preventative measures can help you save money in the long run rather than shelling out money to fix major damages.

2. Consider Other Factors Aside from Price

While the cost of repairs may be a crucial part of your search for a repair shop, it shouldn’t be the only factor that you think about. You should also consider other aspects, especially with the perks that accompany the service.

Some factors that you should ponder on are:

  • Warranty – Sometimes, one repair shop may price their products and services a little higher than another because they offer warranties on the items. This can be a guarantee that they’re confident about their merchandise and labor, so you should consider this factor in your search.
  • Options – Some service centers can’t fix specialized damages because they don’t have the tools or expertise for that particular issue. Find a shop that offers a broad range of service options to ensure that they can accommodate your car’s needs.
  • Workspace – Take a look around the shop and see how they work. A clean garage indicates that they value sanitation and excellence in their service. Cleanliness also prevents accidents.

With this, you can ensure that your car would be in the best hands for the job.

  • Transparency – Watch out for repair shops that make you sign blank authorization forms. The service center you work with must not engage in such shady practices and should always maintain transparency with you, especially with the parts that they replaced as well as the billing.
  • Turnover – Be mindful of the cars that are in their garage during your first visit and the next time you come around. If there’s a new set of the vehicle each week or after a few days, it means that the mechanics are efficient with their jobs. Week-old automobiles in the shops are a bad sign that indicates their ineptness.

3. Ask for Offline and Online Reviews

Get recommendations from family and friends about their experiences. They may have a favorite mechanic, so check if they can provide you with the contact number.

Then, check online if the suggested repair shop provides the same amount of care for a majority of their clients. Reading reviews on the Internet can help you decide which service center you should hire.

4. Request to Read Their Certifications

Certifications and permits are typically displayed in prominent places in a repair shop. These licenses are required by the government to protect consumers and ensure that they get the highest level of service.

If you didn’t notice these certifications, you could ask the staff to show it to you. This way, you can guarantee that the shop is legit and will take care of your car well.

5. Know Which Shops Specialize in Your Car Model

Not all shops operate equally. Some specialize in a few automobile damages or issues, while others concentrate on fixing a particular model.

Reading the reviews can give you an idea of the shop’s clientele and their cars. Another way to figure out the service center’s specialization is to talk to the mechanics directly and discuss with them the problems in your vehicle.


Choosing a good auto repair service shop is crucial for your car’s maintenance. You should look for a mechanic before emergency strikes. Also, consider important factors, such as warranty, options, and transparency, aside from price during the screening process.

Get recommendations from your family and friends about a particular shop and read online reviews as well. Request to view their certifications and ask the mechanics about their specialization to ensure that they provide the appropriate solution to your needs.

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