Many people argue that now isn’t the best time to make hasty financial decisions. While it’s true to a certain extent, there are expenses you can’t avoid. For instance, buying a new vehicle is essential. It’s a basic commodity you can’t live without. And apart from making sure that you choose the right make and model, buying a car nowadays has some additional challenges too. For instance, should you settle for a conventional petrol car or buy an electric model?

It’s a significant point to consider because, in the UK, fossil fuel will be banned by 2032. Luckily, electric vehicles are sprouting left and right. Additionally, the government offers a subsidy for installing an EV home charger. But should you do it now or perhaps wait a little longer?

How convenient is it to charge an electric vehicle?

One of the most common concerns about buying an electric car is charging convenience. Yes, it’s possible to get a home charger installed at a reduced cost, but what about when you’re away? Since the UK is quite aggressive about promoting EV use, there are many charging stations available in public places. However, it may not be the case for more rural areas. But with steady investment from the government, this situation can change soon. Moreover, companies are also encouraged to invest in charging stations now to cater to the future needs of their clients and employees.

Electric cars today have a longer driving range

Apart from the concern regarding where and how long it takes to charge an EV fully, another issue most people struggle with is the driving range. A decent electric car should run for at least 160 kilometers before recharging. More high-end models like Tesla can run for twice that same range. Therefore, unless you plan on taking your EV for a road trip, one charge should be sufficient for your daily drive to and from work. Of course, it also helps if you have the option to charge anytime and anywhere if necessary - and that’s where public charging stations come in handy.

Longevity and durability

With more advanced electric car manufacturing technology, consumers are bound to have more options in the future. Well-known car makers are already involved in releasing their versions of eco-friendly vehicles. As they see the future demand for more EVs, the healthy competition bodes well for people who are willing to wait until there’s a model they like and can afford.

Are electric cars more affordable?

The affordability of a car depends on many factors. The initial cost in itself is a significant consideration, but you also need to look into the cost of use and maintenance. Electric cars will need maintenance too, but it’s mostly on the car’s battery. Over time, the value of an electric car becomes more apparent as you save more by not buying petrol. Also, when public charging stations become more abundant, you’ll become less likely to depend on your home charger.


Whether you buy now or wait a few years more, it can’t be denied that electric cars are the future. If you begin using an EV now, you’ll get more accustomed to it, plus reduce your carbon footprint in a highly impacting way.

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