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A Simple Guide From Trollishly On How To Build A Strong Profile In 2022

author-img By Arnab Dey 5 Mins Read August 11, 2022

Strong Profile

In today’s internet age, social media has revolutionized our everyday lives to a great extent. Even though there are a plethora of social platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have dominated the digital world for many years.

One of the fastest growing short-form video platforms ‘TikTok‘ is leading the online world with its incredible features. The rising popularity of this entertainment platform has now become a marketing channel for brands and businesses.

The main goal of many social media users is to have a verified account as it symbolizes their brand’s authenticity. Likewise, TikTok enables the crown as a badge or reward for the users who hit the platform with a massive number of fans. More creators often prefer to get tiktok crown to boost their credibility among millions of users.

Are you thrilled to be a crowned user on TikTok without much effort? Keep reading this article to learn more ways to build a strong profile on TikTok efficiently.

So, How Can You Get A Crown On TikTok?


Unlike other social media platforms, there are no specific conditions for earning a crown on TikTok. But you should fulfill the following requirements to qualify for the TikTok crown.

  • Either you should be a well-known person, or your content should be viral among the users of TikTok.
  • Video content should be in such a way that it goes viral, entertains, or inspires others.
  • Should have a broader audience to earn the Popular Creator badge
  • Lastly, you have to get the Creator Badge

Here is a list of factors you should look for on your profile to increase the chance of earning the crown.

1. Optimize Your Profile

Having a good profile is the primary key to exposing yourself to audiences. So, it would help if you had a complete profile with the latest profile picture, detailed bio, and everything that is asked for. Make use of Trollishly to fulfill your goal of becoming a popular figure or authentic brand within a short period.

2. Go With The Trends

Search for a celebrity, influencer, or popular figure on TikTok to find out what makes them gain such bulk followers. Next, you should follow up with on-trend videos to attract more followers to your profile.

Make short tiktok videos

Research the current trends, music, audio, and whatever drives traffic to your profile which makes your videos get a spot on recommended videos and bring you popularity.

3. Deliver High-Quality Content

Success doesn’t come to you; you should make way for it! There are around 1 billion users on TikTok, but very few grab the chance to turn into a celebrity.

To become one among them, you should think out of the box and create high-standard content to stand out. It is advisable to have a peculiar niche for you rather than posting random videos as it increases the followers’ rate.

4. Think From A User Perspective

TikTok is an entertainment platform where audiences land to avoid boredom and have fun. So, your video content should meet their expectations and impress them to view more.

Use Tiktok App

Therefore, you should create high-resolution videos with informative content to keep them engaged until the duration ends.

5. Make Time To Engage

Be it positive or negative, respond to the comments you receive for your videos. This would bring credibility to your brand and showcase your profile as trustworthy. Also, engaging with the audience lets you connect with them and enhance your profile performance.

Apart from the followers, you can make new connections with TikTok users by following their accounts and sending your thoughts on their content. In return, you could get new followers and more engagement from them.

6. Increase The Exposure

Strive hard to find the audience’s interest and what they expect from creators on the respective platform.

 shoot tiktok video

Then, combine everything to make viral content that audiences like to see and share your presence through word-of-mouth.

7. Be Active & Be Consistent

TikTok creators must post engaging videos that have powerful content on a regular schedule. On the flip side, post at least one video daily to remind your followers about your presence and let them look forward to more from you every day. These tricks will help you to elevate follower rates and earn a crown on TikTok.

8. Get Verified On Other Digital Platforms

If you have accounts on leading social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram, you can share TikTok videos there. So, you can gain new followers from these platforms too. But on the other hand, you should try to boost your popularity on all platforms to get verified easily.

 tiktok app

It would help if you were popular enough to get verified on TikTok; otherwise, it doesn’t make sense to wait for it. In such a case, utilize Trollishly to uplift fan followers and make yourself popular in this competitive landscape.

Wrapping Up

To summarize, you are recommended to follow the tactics mentioned above and boost your popularity on TikTok to earn your dream crown badge. However, don’t overfocus on getting verified.

Instead, expand your followers, make new connections, and deliver fun content to have a remarkable presence. Cheers to experiencing a royalty feel with a crown badge on TikTok soon!

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