Are There Bonuses For Choosing Real Money Slots?

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Bonuses For Choosing Real Money Slots

In the year 2020, you would have to be crazy to not be making the most of bonuses in the world of online slot games – there are absolutely tonnes out there to be enjoyed in all sorts of ways, shapes, and forms – check out Slotzo.

The majority of these bonuses are either welcome bonuses, presented to new customers to particular online casino sites as an incentive to join, or loyalty bonuses, for the punters that stick around and gamble regularly with other sites.

What Do We Mean By Real Money Slots?

What Do We Mean By Real Money Slots

The term ‘real money’ slots effectively refer to any online slot games that take in and payout real cash. The only real exception to this in terms of online slots would be demo slots.

Demo slots are made for the sole purpose of allowing players to check out what an online slot game is like to play before playing it for real cash. Any reference to real cash in these games is entirely cosmetic – put there to simulate the experience of playing for real cash.

What Kind Of Bonuses Are Available?

As mentioned, bonuses in real money slots are likely to be either welcome bonuses or loyalty bonuses. More often than not, it will be the former, as these are a far more popular type of offer.

Welcome bonuses exist as a means to tempt potential new customers into online casino sites, with the hope that these players will stick around to spend money on their sites for years to come.

The vast majority of these welcome bonuses will be in the form of free spins, but you will also see ‘free cash’ offered from time to time. These are kind of the same thing, in a way, as the free cash can only ever be used on spins on the slots in the first place, so it’s just the way they market it from one casino to another that varies.

Free spins can either be for a specific slot game on a casino site, or they can be available for all of the games on that site.

Last Thoughts On Bonuses In Real Money Slots:

One thing that is important to be aware of when it comes to any form of casino bonus, whether it be a free spins welcome bonus or free cash loyalty program, is that there can often be quite a few terms and conditions attached to them.

For this reason, we always recommend checking out the terms and conditions for every single bonus that you feel like you might want to take part in, and fully understanding what each term means so that you can decide whether or not these bonuses are going to be worth it for you or not.

If you do this and decide that it is all good, then bonuses are a wonderful thing at the end of the day! So stay savvy and safe, and good luck on the slots.

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