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6 Safety Tips For Installing Wire Mesh Fences

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Wire Mesh Fences

Nowadays, most people opt for wire mesh fences for security around their homes and properties.

They’re considered effective in controlling pets and keeping them within the vicinity while serving as barriers to intruders.

There are several reasons that make wire mesh popular among homeowners. With wire mesh fences, you have complete control over what comes in and goes out of your property.

In addition, they’re quite easy to install and aesthetically pleasing.

6 Prime For Installing Wire Mesh Fences:

As you decide to get yours, here are some safety tips you should follow while installing wire mesh fences:

Installing Wire Mesh Fences

1. Know Your Materials

This is the first step in installing wire mesh fences. It’s necessary to get familiar with the materials you’ll be using. This makes you work faster and helps you know the proper precautions to take while handling them.

In addition, you should know precisely what items you need to buy and how to use them—from the metal mesh to the posts and stakes, down to the nuts and bolts.

Are you building from scratch or using a pre-built wire mesh fence? Either way, ensure to support the weight of the fence appropriately so it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

2. Wear Safety Glasses and Protective Clothing

This is a non-negotiable tip. You must be on safety gear while installing wire mesh fences. Dust and other particles will be flying all around you as you go through the procedure. Nevertheless, they can’t harm you if you take the necessary precautions. By wearing protective goggles and a face mask, you can protect your eyes and airways.

On the other hand, installing wire mesh fences involves using equipment that generates noise. Hence, you need proper protection for your ears. Also, it would help if you put on gloves and long-sleeved shirts to prevent possible cuts or scraps from the sharp edges of the wire mesh you’re installing.

3. Check Your Equipment Before Use

Your equipment might have been left in storage for a couple of months. Anything could’ve happened while in that state, so you have to check your equipment before use.

And even though they’ve been in constant use, you should still inspect them. Plus, it’s essential for your safety to look for unusually loose parts or sharp edges that could potentially hurt you.

Furthermore, put grease on stiff areas, tighten nuts and bolts, clean off dust, and try to run the equipment before you start the work while keeping a safe distance. Also, don’t try to improvise. Use the right tools for the appropriate task. Improvising with inferior materials may cause possible dangers.

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4. Keep Children Away From The Work Area

This is another safety tip you don’t want to overlook. Children get excited and are very careless around work areas. Ensure your tools are safe from them and that they don’t come near the workstation.

Most importantly, don’t use their play area for work. This prevents leftover wires or other tiny and sharp materials from piercing their legs. If you’re installing the fence along their play area, you must clean up thoroughly when done.

5. Prepare A First Aid Kit

You can never tell what could happen along the way. Following safety tips are necessary but don’t undermine the essence of having a first aid kit. In fact, having first aid kits close by is a safety measure.

Ensure that the kit contains all the essential materials, including bandages, anti-bacterial ointment, plasters, scissors, cotton wools, and other necessary medical supplies. Another essential is an eyewash solution. This is necessary in case tiny particles or dirt enter the eyes.

Ideally, accidents should be taken care of immediately after they happen. This way, you can avoid infections or complications. Hence, a first aid kit is a must-have while installing a wire mesh fence.

6. Check The Weather

This would pass as a safety measure because you’re dealing with sharps. Therefore, you should check the weather forecast and ensure there’ll be no rain on the day you install your wire mesh fence.

How uncomfortable would it be to do the job with wet clothes and an obstructed view? What’s more, the sharp edges of the wire mesh would make it even worse. Hence, select a dry day for your wire mesh installation. You would be making a great decision that way.


Safety should be on the top of your list as you plan to install your wire mesh fence. All measures that would prevent hazards should be implemented and followed strictly. Remember that a first aid kit should always be near you in case of unforeseen circumstances.


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