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What is the Best TV Antenna of 2019: The Ultimate Review

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read March 12, 2019

best tv antenna

Adults in the U.S. spend almost six hours per day on TV-connected devices. That translates into about a $100-per-month cable bill for most Americans.

That’s a lot of money to watch TV. And most people watch only a small fraction of the channels available.

Are you looking to cut the cord with your cable company? You can pay far less and watch TV for free.

Looking for the best TV antenna of 2019? Keep reading.

Try an Antenna:

More people are relying on indoor antennas to cut recurring expensive cable bills and reduce debt. Antennas pick up free, on-air TV stations.

The non-amplified antennas pick up stations if they’re within 20 miles of your house. If you need reception beyond that, try an amplified model. That should give you reception within 50 miles.

You’ll spend between $20 and $45 dollars for a non-amplified antenna. If you need an amplified antenna, you’ll spend between $30 and $100 dollars.

You can get a large outdoor antenna for under $120. If you’re not sure about DIY, get professional antenna installation.

Mohu ReLeaf HDTV:

The Mohu ReLeaft HDTV indoor, unamplified antenna is top rated. You can own a ReLeaf for about $45 dollars.

This eco-friendly antenna picks up 62 channels in a 30-mile radius. It’s made from recycled paper, making it a good choice for the eco-conscious.

Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse:

This indoor antenna finds channels other antennas can’t. And it gives you a great picture. Stick this on your window with the included adhesive.

Most people do fine with the less expensive unamplified version. The current price is about $40 dollars which is $20 dollars less than MSRP.

But if you live in a rural area, try the amplified version. It’ll set you back an extra $20 dollars.

Mohu Leaf Metro:

Looking for something even cheaper? Try the Mohu Leaf Metro. It sells for about $20 dollars.

This little non-amplified antenna has a range of 25 miles and receives 31 channels. This wallet-friendly antenna packs a punch with its performance.

It has a 10-foot cable. It’s even got a nice compact design.

Channel Master Flatenna:

One of the most budget-friendly antennas is the Channel Master Flatenna. This inexpensive little antenna is a power performer. For only $10 dollars, it picks up channels some of its more expensive counterparts don’t.

It also offers great signal strength. Its low price means it’s a bare-bones option. You’ll need your own poster tape or putty for attaching it to the window.

It also has a short six-foot cable. If you need something longer, you’ll have to pay for an extension cable.

Mohu Curve 50 Designer Edition:

Do you need an amplified antenna? Try the Mohu Curve 50 Designer Edition. This beauty looks great and works well too. It gets 58 channels with a range of 50 miles.

It comes with a generous 16-foot cable. It costs about $70 dollars.

The Best TV Antenna for Free TV:

Are you ready to cut the cord and leave your expensive cable TV bill? Try out an antenna. The best TV antenna offers good signal strength and quality reception.

You won’t get as many channels as cable. But you’ll get on-air channels. Watch the news, weather, and sports without that expensive cable bill.

These are a few of the top picks for indoor TV antennas. Test one out today. And find more great technology information here.

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