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Satellite vs. Cable Internet. Which is better?

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Cable Internet

Many people get confused when they find more than one internet connection type. Most of the time, its satellite and cable connections because both are widely available in America. To help you out in making a decision, we can do a comparison of satellite and cable connections based on some stats.

Cable connections and Satellite connections, both are very different from each other when it comes to speed, reliability, and availability of the internet. The following are some areas in which we can do the comparison.

Satellite Vs Cable connection – Terrain

Satellite connection is basically for those people who are living in rural areas or maybe in the middle of nowhere, and they are looking for an internet connection to check emails or maybe do streaming sometimes. Most people go for satellite connection because they live where it is difficult to get services through other internet service providers, who are providing internet services with different internet connections.

On the other hand, when it comes to cable connection, is usually available in urban areas. The companies providing services via cable connection are now offering services in both rural and urban areas because of the high demand. They are expanding their services to all of America.

Those people, who are crazy for internet speeds, usually use cable internet connections. The cable connection is for those who do streaming on multiple devices and play games online on multiple consoles simultaneously. The companies usually deliver services via a cable connection in those areas, where it is easy for the internet service providers to lay the coaxial cable lines.

Satellite Vs Cable connection – Bandwidth

Satellite Vs Cable connection – Bandwidth

A satellite connection offers less bandwidth compared to a cable connection. A cable connection offers higher bandwidth and for those customers who are concerned about the bandwidth as well, the Cable connection is much better than the satellite connection.

Satellite Vs Cable connection – Data delay and data rate

When it comes to the cable connection, the data rates are high with very fewer delays as it is the latest technology. The companies that are offering internet services via cable connection, make sure that the customer gets the best internet connection at fewer data delays and higher data rates.

With a satellite connection, the data rates are very low, you face data delays because the data transfers through the air, and the distance between the satellite and the dish is a lot. In the event of bad weather or when the cloud comes, you face issues with your internet and face delays.

Satellite Vs Cable connection – Reliability

Satellite Vs Cable connection – Reliability

With cable internet, you get the most reliable internet connection. Internet services provided by companies that use cable technology make sure that the customer gets the best of the best. You will face issues with your internet once in a blue moon, and they make sure that if there is some kind of issue with the connection, it gets resolved as soon as possible.

The customer support teams are very trained and they make sure that all their concerns are resolved. For instance, if you reach out to Cox customer support even at 3 AM, because your internet is down, the company will make sure to help you out in the best possible way.

They have customer support specialists for both of their English and Spanish-speaking customers.  If you want to get support in the Spanish language, you can simply contact Cox servicio al cliente en español and a Spanish customer support specialist will assist you.

With satellite, reliability is not promised because the data travels through air and the chances of data interruption are more. If there is bad or cloudy weather, there are chances that you might face an issue with your internet connectivity issues but the companies who offer internet services via satellite connection make sure that the services get back to normal as soon as possible so the customer can watch his favorite show which was interrupted because of connectivity issues.

Moreover, as the chances of facing issues regarding your internet are high, it might get difficult to reach out to customer support because, in case of an outage, there will be a high call volume.

Best Satellite and Cable internet service provider

Many providers are now providing internet services to their customers by using different technologies. If you are planning to get the best internet service provider with a satellite or cable connection, you can go for these two providers, as they are the best at what they do.

1. Hughesnet Internet

Hughesnet is one of the very best internet service providers when it comes to satellite connections. The satellite internet delivers less downloading and uploading speed however if there are no alternatives readily available besides satellite internet, then always choose Hughesnet internet.

The downloading speed offered by Hughesnet to their customers is 25Mpbs, the uploading speed is 3Mbps, and the best part is that the speed will certainly stay the same. The internet speed will certainly be the same with all the packages however all the packages will be coming with different data limits.

Hughesnet internet packages would be coming with various data restrictions. You can get a plan with a data cap of 15Gb to 75Gb. You can pick any plan according to your need and budget. All the plans will be featuring a 2-years contract as well. There will be an early termination cost, which you will have to pay if you wish to terminate your internet service before the contract ends.

2. Cox

When it comes to the cable connection, it would be best for you if you get Cox internet, as they offer high-speed internet service to its customers and make sure that their customers get the most reliable services.

Cox is known as one of the best internet service providers in America, which is offering amazing internet speed to its customer with the most reliable connection. There are different internet plans, which Cox has in its bucket and you can pick one as per your need. You can get a downloading speed of up to 25Mbps to 940Mbps. With such amazing speeds, you can do anything on the internet without worrying about the ping and latency.

Summing it up

Every type of connection has its own pros and cons but when we compare satellite connection with cable, we only see the pros of cable connection because it’s the latest technology. Therefore, if the cable connection is available in your area, then always go for that as it’s a much better option than the satellite.

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