EaseUS produces a solid line of data utilities that are powerful enough to meet the needs of the most demanding IT professionals. Here we will review your data recovery solution, Data Recovery Wizard 12.0. Let's understand the EaseUS Data Recovery.

Recognizing the importance of data recovery software packages and data recovery services is very important, especially when we face problems of loss or lack of availability of them. Data recovery services are very useful and allow you to recover lost information and data in situations where your hard drive or storage medium is damaged.

It is almost certain that PC computers will work badly at one time or another. Have you ever found yourself working hard on an important project or document and then your PC suddenly closed and showed a black screen? Or one of the partitions in your system has not been recognized by the BIOS? It could be indicative that something is wrong: a hard drive failure, a system failure or alternative problems that caused the unexpected shutdown of your system. This can cause your computer system to fail and make all your valuable information disappear forever.

It is possible that data cannot be accessed for a variety of reasons: unrecognized format, virus attack, accidental deletion, permanent file deletion, inaccessible partitions, corrupted files, unexpected system shutdown, error messages, etc. If you find that you cannot access files and folders, you need a data service solution to retrieve the information.

Why Is Data Recovery Important?

Speaking in simple terms, data recovery is like fixing broken toys with glue and reusing them. Broken toys and damaged storage media are related because, similar to how glue is used to repair broken toys, with the help of software and data recovery services, your lost and inaccessible data can be reused. In other terms, we can say that file recovery software is the advanced method to recover your deleted data.

What Is EaseUS File Recovery Software?

Data recovery software recovers and repairs corrupted data files, databases, storage media, and partitions while safely returning your data to its place. The recovery software is very useful and efficient in terms of recovering lost data that have been removed.

Currently, there are several data recovery programs on the market that can recover data from damaged file systems; In addition to recovering access to corrupt databases, corrupt ZIP files, corrupt Excel files, and corrupt Word documents.

EaseUS produces a solid line of data utilities that are powerful enough to meet the needs of the most demanding IT professionals, and that is also easy to use for anyone. Here we will review your data recovery solution, Data Recovery Wizard 12.0.

Characteristics Of EaseUS File Recovery Software:

  • Powerful file search tool
  • Windows and Mac
  • Recover all type of files
  • Free version available

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 12.0 It is an impressive data recovery software piece that will even excite IT professionals, the EaseUS Data Retrieval Wizard is our main recommendation. It offers a highly organized recovery solution, allows users to recover deleted, lost, and corrupt files easily and quickly. It offers an effective and non-destructive data recovery tool for hard drive recovery, format recovery, raw recovery and partition recovery.


Available for Windows and Mac, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will help you recover accidentally deleted files and files deleted by programs. It can also be used to access unmounted, unformatted or corrupted partitions. Experienced users will also appreciate the ability it has to recover data from RAID storage and servers.

In general, the user experience stands out as one of the best of any other recovery utility, classifying it as the best data recovery software.

For average Windows and Mac consumers, the best data recovery software is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free. EaseUS Data recovery software recovers your deleted data from your iPhone and Android EaseUS also provides recovery software for iPhones and Android devices. In addition to the usual consumption plans, there are more expensive licenses for IT professionals.

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