The Best Looks from this Year’s Golf Tournaments

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Golf Tournament

It is that time again for major golf championships and golf tournaments. As a spectator, you will want to enjoy the tournament in comfort as well as style, but it is important to know what to wear and what you are allowed to bring with you to each event. Golf tournaments may vary on regulations but there are some basic principles to follow in terms of which attire is appropriate and the items you are allowed to bring.

What do you Need to Wear for a Golf Tournament?

Generally, what you wear to a golf tournament will need to be sensible and modest. At major golf tournaments, the rules and regulations are slightly different and if you do not follow them you may be asked to leave.  Usually, these golf events are more exclusive, with the added excitement that you may end up on television.

Choose your best golf wear for such sports events. If you are visiting during the summer then traditional Bermuda shorts, a polo shirt, and sundresses for women are a good choice. We also recommend opting for classic colors rather than patterns or prints. In addition to this, you should be mindful of the amount of walking and standing you may do, especially through grass, sand and often mud, so comfortable shoes are crucial.

Perhaps you are watching the tournament in a clubhouse with family and friends and so a collared shirt might be necessary. Or if you are lucky enough to get yourself a place in the front row at the golf event then refrain from loud prints and colors as this can be a distraction to the golfers and what you bring in the gates should not divert the players’ attention or take away from the experience of fellow spectators.

What Should You Bring with you to a Golf Tournament?

To fit in with current PGA regulations most tournaments no longer allow rucksacks into the event, instead you are asked to carry your belongings in clear bags. As you will be walking around the golf course for most of the day, be sure to only pack the essentials as you will have to carry these with you. Some additional items you may wish to bring along to the golf event may include sunscreen, insect spray, a rain poncho or umbrella, sunglasses and potentially a camera, however, you will only be able to photograph during practice rounds.

On sunny days sunscreen and sunglasses are so important. It can be a long day and you will need to protect your skin and eyes during this time. You can still look the part, and if you are a regular golf spectator then you may want to invest in some golf sunglasses. Function 18 sell a range of Oakley golf sunglasses at an affordable price. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated and keep children’s heads covered with a golf hat or visor.

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