Are you planning on traveling to Florida? Want to know about the best resorts in Florida, considering it is perfect for vacation? The place is one of the best spots for vacation because the weather is incredible all year round.

Florida is known as the Sunshine State, creating an authentic experience for travelers. People looking for history will find it here, while if you are looking for a genuine, adventurous experience, book a hotel in Florida!

Florida is also famous for their theme parks. Hence, that is another attraction for you to explore once you book a hotel. The beaches are renowned for their leisure experience and night parties. You can visit dazzling nightclubs once you go to Miami Beach in Florida.

What Are The Best Resorts In Florida In 2023?  

What Are The Best Resorts In Florida In 2023

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, blue skies, adventure and leisure packages, and delicious seafood. The best resorts in town will further accentuate the lovely experience in Florida. To book the best spas, check out the following options!

There are high-end bars and lounges in Disney's Pleasure Island, and it is in this area that you will find some of the best resorts in the business. Traveling to Florida in 2023, we give you a list of the best alternatives in Florida that you can choose from!

Most of these resorts are all-inclusive, with service vacation packages not just for the Caribbean islands. With the palm-lined beaches, you can thrive during your holiday with the best resorts in Florida.

1. Little Palm Island Resort & Spa  

Little Palm Island Resort & Spa

The resort is an all-inclusive resort in Florida where you can book a package including meals, spas, and other services. The rooms available in this resort start from $3000 per night. According to the ratings on TripAdvisor, the resort is 4.5 out of 5.

It is the only private island resort in the US that helps guests relax and unplug! Little Palm Island Resort is a perfect getaway for people looking to get detached from their daily lives.

One of the reasons due to which the resort is in demand is that they keep technology limited even though guests can access free wifi. The rooms have no television, and telephones are also fixed for connectivity.

2. Legoland Florida Resort  

Legoland Florida Resort

Legoland Florida Resort is an all-inclusive resort considered one of the best beach resorts in Florida for families. It is one of the most popular in Florida and is regarded as one of the best options for families traveling or vacationing!

The starting price for rooms per night is $89, and according to the TripAdvisor website, the resort ratings are 4 out of 5. The resort is considered the creme de la creme among all-inclusive packages, including multi-park tickets, complimentary valet parking, dining, pool services, etc.

Inside the resort are Legoland Hotel, Beach Retreat, and Pirate Island Hotel. There is also a theme park at the entrance called the Legoland theme park, which is close to the hotels. The rooms are designed based on a particular theme of kingdom, adventure, or pirates, making it interesting for children.

3. Sandpiper Bay By Windham 

Sandpiper Bay By Windham

Another all-inclusive resort that offers lucrative packages, Sandpiper Bay by Windham, offers all the services and amenities. The resort is based on the marina and provides a beautiful city view. The price of rooms in the resort starts from $260.

The trademark collection of hotels and resorts by Windham is impressive and constantly updated and renovated. As guests, you will find all-inclusive packages, which make all guests pretty happy and is considered one of the best beach resorts in florida.

4. Disney's Polynesian Village Resort  

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

The resort has been designed to create an experience for the guests which is majestic, rustic, and magical. Disney's Polynesian Village Resort has a look that consists of tropical-style vegetation and pruned palm trees.

The rooms start from $700 per night, while the resort's rate on TripAdvisor is 4 out of 5. The resort is situated on the shores of the artificial Seven Seas Lagoon, giving a beautiful view of the city. The rooms are aesthetic, be it the furniture or the pool bar!

The inclusive package and rooms are pool services, dining, and Disney Parks tickets! Online live entertainment galore is also available in these resorts. Once you book the resort, you can access the tiki bar, character breakfasts, and others.

5. Four Seasons Resort Orlando At Walt Disney World Resort  

Four Seasons Resort Orlando At Walt Disney World Resort

The Four Seasons Resort Orlando is a worthy resort for family-friendly options. The resort rooms have all amenities available, and there is free wifi! There is a golf course, a water park, and others, along with the package.

The rooms in the Four Seasons Resort Orlando At Walt Disney World Resort cost $570 per night. The rating of the hotel is 9.4 out of 10 out of 148 reviews. There are weekly character breakfasts where Minnie Mouse and other Disney characters walk around.

There are also a couple of massages and facials available! Also there is a Michelin-starred rooftop steakhouse Capa where adults can enjoy their food and toasts on vacation!

6. JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa  

JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa

The rooms in JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa are posh, and it is just a 7-minute walk from Aventura Mall, and the highway is less than 1 mile away. It is accessible with services such as a water park, pools, slides, a spa, a gym, and golf courses available.

Room services are available. There are rooms with ocean views, and the starting rate of the room per night is approximately $267.81. The resort's rating is 4 out of 5, according to TripAdvisor, out of 540 reviews.

7. The Ritz-Carlton, Orlando Grand Lakes  

The Ritz-Carlton, Orlando Grand Lakes

The Ritz-Carlton in Orlando Grand Lakes is a family-friendly hotel less than 10 miles from Disney World. The hotel is significant in its approach to creating one of the best experiences for the living guests. It is one of the most amazing and best resorts in orlando florida.

The hotel room rate in The Ritz-Carlton, Orlando Grand Lakes, for a night, is $335.33. The resort is rated 8.6 out of 10 based on the reviews on KAYAK. There are three pools and a 40,000 sq. foot spa in the resort!


Please read the article to learn about the best resorts in Florida, which you can choose if you travel to Florida in 2023.

Comment below on which resort or hotel you plan to book!

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