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The splendid country of a thousand islands gives true meaning to the phrase larger than life. It is a dream destination to millions of people every year and a sailor’s paradise. What makes Croatia a special destination is that for a country with over 1000 islands and islets it is relatively small which makes its natural splendor mesmerizing to behold. Croatia has also been able to preserve its cultural heritage with ancient Roman ruins across the coastline and the medieval city architecture standing strong in cities like Dubrovnik. The long and sunny summers are the best time to set sail in the calm waters of the Adriatic Sea. Nautal in Croatia fashions the perfect holiday for you and your loved ones with thousands of luxury yachts and boats offered at budget-friendly prices.

Strategic Places to Sail in Croatia:

Fulfill your wildest sense of adventure hopping from island to island some of which are inhabited or deserted. Each island and islet is different from the other and they all seem to be more breathtaking as you progress. It is advisable to plan your sailing expedition to make the most of your holiday as it is virtually impossible to visit over 1000 island in a limited time. You can divide your destinations based on the overview of the Croatian coast starting from Istria, North Adriatic, Dalmatia, and South Adriatic. The charming Istria peninsula is picturesque with beautiful swimming bays in its small islands. The home cooked meals here are a delight and the local wine is to die for. Do not miss a chance to venture into Dalmatia the crown jewel of the Croatian coast due to its high density of islands. It really is the ultimate haven for all your nautical fantasies.

Delightful Sailing Climate in Croatia:

The most opportune time to cast sails in Croatia is in the summer when the sun is most delightful. Sailing season in the region starts from May all the way to September with July and August recording the peak of the season. The temperature in summer is at an average of 30°C which is perfect to bask in and work on a tan. In spring the temperature ranges from 22°C to 28°C with timely showers and if you are seeking the most strategic time to visit in a bid to avoid peak periods when it is crowded with tourists we suggest you plan for a Spring or Autumn vacation. The wind condition is also spectacular with the average recorded force in the high season at 3-4 flowing from north to west. Important winds include the bura and the jugo which set you on a speedy course in the calm Croatian waters.

Choosing the Perfect Yacht or Boat for Rental:

Nautal has over 4000 Sailboat rentals, motorboat rentals, and yacht rentals with very flexible rates for you to choose from. There is practically something for everyone in Croatia and you do not necessarily need to break the bank for it. From exquisite Catamarans to the state of the art Gulet there are vessels to sail with your family or even throw a party at sea. The good thing about Nautal is that its boat rental services are distributed all across Croatia from the North all the way to the south. Brace yourself for the time of your life in wonderful Croatia with Nautal.

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