Vaping is becoming a lot more popular today. A lot of people are beginning to see e-cigs as a less-harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes. Unlike cigarettes that burn tobacco, e-cigarettes work by heating e-juices. There is a variety of e-juices available on and nicotine salt e-juice is just one of them.

Nicotine salt e-juice is one of the newest e-juices available and a lot of smokers see using it as the perfect method to quit traditional cigarettes.  But, why do they believe this?

In this post, we will take a quick look at what every beginner should know about nicotine salt e-juice.

Understanding The Chemistry Behind Nicotine Salt E-Juice

The easiest way to understand the idea of nicotine salt e-juice is to first gain a basic understanding of freebase nicotine. We may need to go a little bit into science but don’t worry, it's not anything too complicated.

There is a unique chemical composition in the kind of salt that is a by-product of consuming nicotine from traditional cigarettes. This type of salt comes from a unique chemical reaction from both positive and negative charges. The positive charge is known as acid and the negative charge is known as base.

The exceptional chemical nature of nicotine (a fragile base), depends on protons (positively charged particles) to be ionized and stable. The problem with this is that ions do not vaporize effortlessly and they find passing through organic membranes difficult. This is where the term “freebasing” in the nicotine salt e-juice comes in.

Phillip Morris discovered a way of eliminating this positive charge from nicotine, hence, making it stable. Because of this, nicotine salt can easily pass through organic membranes. Navigate here to get the best nicotine salt e-juice on the market.

The Concept Of Nicotine Salt E-Juice

In its normal form, nicotine salt e-juice functions in the same natural way as the nicotine in every tobacco leaf. It requires a very high temperature to evaporate and doesn’t effortlessly travel through our nicotine receptors. So, why all the fuss about nicotine salt e-juice? You may ask.

Manufacturers have found innovative ways of making the nicotine salt e-juice more bioavailable than it is in its typical form. They can do this by introducing benzoic acid. This acid allows it to evaporate at a low temperature. It also reduces the PH levels in the e-juice, creating an evener throat hit.

Also, the benzoic acid in nicotine salt juice creates a unique chemical reaction that lets nicotine salt be absorbed easily through any organic membrane. This implies that anyone using this innovative form of nicotine salt can vape high concentrations of nicotine comfortably.

Top Advantages Of The Nicotine Salt E-Juice

Here are a few reasons why there is so much fuss about the nicotine salt e-juice:

  • Better Shelf Life:

The stability of nicotine salt helps in reducing its oxidation rate.

  • Requires Less E-Juice:

Since nicotine salt can be absorbed easily, it requires a low temperature to vaporize. This implies that it requires less e-liquid to make it more stable and vaporize faster.

  • Smooth Taste:

You can consume a high concentration of nicotine without having to deal with harsh throat hits when you vape with it.

As a beginner looking to explore the vaping world, it will give you a better vaping experience.

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