Prevent Tooth Decay and Achieve a Healthy Mouth

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Healthy Mouth

A person with a healthy smile will also smile when they grow up. This is the philosophy is most commonly shared by all the specialists who care for their patients.

It is for this reason that we attach great importance to prevention, which is fundamental not only to avoid the emergence of problems that can develop during growth state and even an adult state, also it is important to know and learn at an early age that treating teeth is really child’s play.

In collaboration with many pedestrian and dental experts, here is a short article prepared have prepared for all adults that contain important information and useful tips to protect teeth from decaying and the smile of their own self and their dear ones.

The main cause of tooth decay

Sugar is the first enemy of the teeth, as it is transformed by the bacteria of the plaque into acid substances capable of demineralizing the enamel.

Limiting its use is very difficult, as children, as well as adults, are fond of sweets, so try at least to limit the permanence of sugary substances on your teeth. If not taken action before, then are chance that for the decayed tooth you might need to pay the root canal charges to your dentist.

After each snack or sweets (for example chocolate, cakes, biscuits, coca-cola, orange juice, etc.), it is, therefore, important to check that there are no residues on the surface of their teeth that could damage the enamel or cause tooth decay. This simply prevents you from paying the rct treatment cost and cures it naturally.

Tooth decaying at an early age: Baby bottle syndrome:

The baby bottle syndrome is a form of rapidly evolving caries that destroys the milk teeth (in particular the incisors), caused by the bad habit of the child to take milk or liquids continuously sweetened during the day or in sleep. For adults, it is easy to pay root canal charges and get treated but for children, it is not similar.

It is good that all parents know that:

Children who drink a lot of sweetened drinks risk tooth decay 5 times more than others drinking milk or sweet tea in bed is very harmful to the health of the teeth because the lying position promotes the stagnation of liquid around the teeth.

The good habit of using a toothbrush and taking fluoride is not enough to avoid cavities in the incisors if you keep the incorrect habit of giving the bottle before going to bed.

It is therefore advisable to avoid giving the bottle to the child before he falls asleep to prevent the substance contained in the bottle (milk, fruit juice, etc.) from settling on the teeth, increasing the risk of tooth decay.

The true friends of the teeth are pasta, rice, fruit, milk, bread, legumes, eggs, meat, and vegetables, as they are characterized by a very low or absent cryogenic power. To integrate them in the feeding of the little ones as well as in your diet has been counted very important.

Fluorine: a healing substance for teeth:

Fluorine is a mineral found in nature and helps prevent the caries of our children, slowing the destruction of the enamel and accelerating the natural process of remineralization.

During the first years of life, it is important to ensure the right amount of fluoride to protect and strengthen the teeth. The dose is established by the doctor based on the weight, age and the possibility that fluorine is already taken from other sources (e.g. water). If you are ready to pay the RCT of teeth price you can easily get your decayed teeth treated well. Also today the rct treatment cost has been cheaper than before, so any patient can opt for it.

Benefits of fluoride:

Numerous research conducted in over 50 years has shown that water fluoridation reduces the risk of dental caries by 40-60%.

The main benefit of fluoride is to strengthen tooth enamel, making it more resistant to caries. That’s why many types of toothpaste contain small parts of this precious mineral.

It helps in building our teeth stronger and resist the load of heavy food items which needs a good amount of pressure to break.

It also cleans teeth thoroughly.

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