3 Places Where Second-Hand Vaping Clouds Are Unwelcome

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Vaping Clouds

There’s a lot of gray areas when it comes to the topic of vaping. And even more so when it comes to where you can vape. Whether or not you believe that second-hand vaping clouds are harmful, the fact remains that people have been convinced and taught that second-hand smoke is harmful. And most non-smokers and non-vapers don’t distinguish between cigarette smoke and vaping clouds.

Even if you have a fleet of awesome e-liquid flavors within your reach, including some that may not contain any nicotine at all, there are people who will take offense to your vaping anywhere near them. So what do you do? Short of quitting vaping, you can be very mindful of where you vape and who is around you. There are several common-sense practices that you can stick to make things easier.

  • Don’t blow clouds into other people’s faces.
  • Check with those who are nearby before vaping.
  • Invest in a modification that will allow you to “stealth vape.”

Some people simply suggest that you shouldn’t vape anywhere that you wouldn’t smoke a cigarette. That being said, there are several places where vaping is certainly unwelcome.

1. Restaurants:

It sounds a little stodgy to say,” Please, no vaping in restaurants,” but it’s a good rule of thumb to go by. You probably wouldn’t want your server or a busboy to come through vacuuming while you eat either. You may not be putting harmful chemicals into the air, but you’re putting something in it that can wait until there are fewer people to consider. Now, if there is a bar at the restaurant, you want to gauge the area or just ask the bartender about their vaping protocol. Besides, you’re there to grab a meal (or a drink) anyway, right?

2. Around Children:

Although there is scientific evidence that supports the correlation between adverse health and second-hand smoke, little research has been done on the long-term and short-term effects, if any, of second-hand vape clouds on health. According to a University College London study, vaping is safer than cigarette smoking. So until it is confirmed that vape clouds are not harmful, it’s a good rule of thumb not to vape around children.

3. In a Confined Space:

Much like passing gas in a crowded elevator or smoking in a car with the windows rolled up, you just don’t want to be vaping in a confined space. Whether you are alone or you have company, it’s just not the thing to do. Not only are you releasing excess carbon dioxide into the air, but you are also releasing the chemical makeup of the exhaled e-juice. Ventilation is a necessary part of life whether you vape or not. Vaping in a small space like an elevator or an airplane lavatory might increase the probability of the smoke alarm sounding. Lack of ventilation.

Be a courteous vaper and be mindful of your surroundings when you vape. Before taking a puff at a party, check with the host first. If you’re in a museum, don’t exhale on the exhibits. Although vaping isn’t the same thing as smoking cigarettes, this is a fairly new thing, and many people equate the two.

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