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4 Facts About Dissolution of Marriage According to Divorce Lawyers

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023


Official statistics say that around 45 percent of married couples in the U.S. get divorced for one reason or another. That was the data 4 years ago. In 2017, the rate increased by about 6 percent, the highest in a decade. Whether you’ve been married for a few days, months, or years, divorce can have a negative impact not only on the separating couples but also on their children, if any. But did we ever pause and ponder upon the events leading to a divorce, the possible root causes, and what we could have done to nip them in the bud?

Top guns on divorce laws in the U.S. share their thoughts on the most common causes, cost factors, and symptoms of divorce. We present 4 of them here.

1. Money, sex, and religion are the leading causes of divorce:

Divorce laws have identified some of the most common causes of divorce between opposite-sex couples. They include money – income, expenditure, mismanagement; religious and cultural differences; and adultery. These make up the major factors of a breakdown in marriage in both U.S. and the UK. Unreasonable behavior, ego, and ensuing blame game often lead to an irreversible failure in most modern-day marriages.

2. There is a fixed cost to a divorce:

There’s no lower or upper limit of cost in contesting a divorce case. It can cost someone a meager amount or, if unlucky, a great deal. Couples who have enough money usually bifurcate it 50/50 between themselves and walk away happily. But if the case involves serious issues around money sharing, it can be difficult to arrive at a quick settlement with minimum costs. That’s how tricky the cost factor is in a majority of divorce cases.

3. A happy marriage is about luck:

Divorce lawyers say that if there’s one thing about a happy marriage that their profession has taught them, it is that there is no set formula to it. It all boils down to pure luck. One might meet the right person at the right time, but things change, people change with time, and there’s no guarantee that your partner will remain the same 10 years down the line. These changes sometimes lead to marital conflict when couples can’t adjust to or tolerate those changes.

4. Many regret filing a divorce in haste:

One shouldn’t consider filing for a divorce if he or she hasn’t mulled over it for at least 1.5 years, says David Ruck, a divorce lawyer. Couples should give their marriage every chance and see if they can work something out before going for dissolution. Taking a sudden decision in a fit of emotional outbursts can make couples regret it in the future. So, it is better to take time to reflect on it and discuss it with family and friends instead of rushing into divorce.

Last Word

A divorce should be the last resort for any married couple. One can approach a divorce lawyer only when he or she feels that their marriage is not salvageable. Learn what primarily leads to frictions and conflicts in a marriage, and find ways to resolve them as early as possible. If you are from Dallas, Texas, and going through a possible divorce, seek the services of experienced divorce attorneys who are an authority on divorce laws to help resolve the issue amicably.

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