The co-founder of Eagles, Randy Meisner, who sang lead songs, died on Wednesday due to lung disease. The Eagles announced his death news and also acknowledged the cause of his death was complications in his lung. Meisner was known for his contributions to the band. He sang several hit songs, including “Take It Easy,” “The Best of My Love,” and so on.

Over the last few years, Meisner faced several afflictions, health issues, and personal tragedies, including his wife’s accidental death. Meanwhile, Rendy had been diagnosed with one of the major bipolar disorders and also had multiple chronic issues with alcohol.

Meisner started his career as a solo artist but didn’t achieve success as he got success in Eagles. According to Eagles artists, “Randy was an integral part of the Eagles and instrumental in the early success of the band.” The band further added that his funeral plans were pending.

Meisner even told an interview that the purpose of the entire Eagles thing was the combination, and this chemistry made all harmonies sound perfect. According to RNZ, “He left the band at the height of its popularity in 1977, shortly after the Hotel California album and single by the same name became huge hits, but he was inducted along with all seven Eagles into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.”

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